Ben Hubbird

Ben Hubbird

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Ben Hubbird

Dude of promotions for @cdbaby | DJ on @XRAYfm | Purveyor of @partydamage records
20 years of playing in crappy bands. Almost 10 years doing digital promotions & label relations for CD Baby. Started Party Damage Records in 2013. DJ of Forever Now 3-4pm on Fridays /
radio, music marketing, record labels, radio host, music distribution, djing
hip-hop, indie rock, metal, punk, rock, indie, r&b, alternative rock, post-hardcore, indie folk, synthpop, post punk, post-rock

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Recent Feedback

Dree Paterson submitted media.

Rebel Soul by Dree Mon

Ben Hubbird

I like the honest 80s influence & production. Hooks for days.

Not feeling the lyrics, but otherwise a really solid dance track.

Bobby Dezfulli submitted media.

Shaking Hands (Callow) by The Empty

Ben Hubbird

This is fine. Nothing really sticks out, although the drums are definitely not my thing. Sounds like programmed drums, which really doesn't fit with what I want to hear for this shoegazy post-punk sound.

Dig the synth line following the vocal - nice touch.

Vincent Sorgentoni submitted media.

Origin Of Species by Coronal Mass Ejection

Ben Hubbird

Definitely dig the shred & the tones here. Reminds me of Hum in some places, who I absolutely love. There are moments where the fuzzier guitar gets lost rhythmically when the bass drops out, or rather my ear wasn't able to pick out the rhythm.  Squealy guitar solos are a highlight for me. 

Danny Meigel submitted media.

Smut by Foresterr

Ben Hubbird

Dig the Primus meets Big Black vibe right off the bat. Not sold on the vocal -- doesn't feel like it transcends or cements the song. Just kind of chugs along.

This is probably more personal taste than objective truth, but I think there's a lot more depth in a less affected or intentional vocal.

Danny Meigel submitted media.

Transformer by Foresterr

Ben Hubbird

I really appreciate the aggressive & non-straightforward approach -- at its best feels like a fairly successful melding of the best moments of melodic hardcore with weirdo rock ala Mr Bungle or Queens of the Stone Age. At it's worst it can bee pretty hard to handle though. Very little in the way of tension & release narrative to the song structure -- it feels like it just goes from one place to the next for no clear reason. The super heavy parts like 3:30 or so don't feel "earned" or cathartic, but just a bit monotonous.

I mean this very kindly, I think part of the limitation is the vocal range of the singer, or at least the displayed vocal range. Super limited in melodic expression and leans on tonal variance to make up for it, which just ends up feeling scattered.

Overall, I think there's a lot of promise here, but could use a bit less in some places & a bit more in others.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Ben Hubbird

Great video concept & execution. The video is really well done. The song is a little bizarre, like a freak-circus version of Pulp. I feel bad saying it, but honestly the vocal is the main difficulty for me in "getting there" with this. Between the sometimes-too-off-kilter wail, and the prominent accent, it takes some effort to get past.

That said, the song grew on me throughout the video. To the extent that I'm checking out another track now, and digging that too. 

Andres Aloi submitted media.

Fountain Of Youth by Robot Garden

Ben Hubbird

Still trying to decide if the 3rd chord is cutting against the grain, or just harsh & dissonant in a bad way. It's really borderline. Vocal is nasal in a not-entirely-pleasant way. Drums feel a little...little?

Dig the Cars-esque Moog line post chorus.