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James Moore

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James Moore

CEO of Independent Music Promotions, PR for music with depth worldwide, "Your Band Is A Virus" author.
James Moore is the founder/CEO of Independent Music Promotions, a DIY music PR company working exclusively with "music with depth" worldwide. He is also the author of the best-selling music marketing series "Your Band Is A Virus". An original thinker in the music marketing genre, his work has been shared by everyone from The Lefsetz Letter, CDBaby and Reverbnation to Sonicbids and Bandzoogle.
music industry, pr, music promotion, emerging artists, music writing / blogging
hip-hop, soul, alternative, metal, punk, rock, electronic, folk, indie, downtempo, garage, noise, dark ambient, progressive house, cinematic

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Nathan Engel submitted media.

White Walls by Miles on End

James Moore

Strong sense of groove between all the instrumentation. Everyone playing for the song. Really smart inter-play between guitars and bass. The vocals are original too, and I dig the backups; there's some punk/post-punk energy here. Highly melodic rock and roll. And it has the feel of an artistic band that would appeal to fans of everything from Radiohead to stoner rock. Well done!

submitted media.

Parsing Suns by Paul R. Marcano

James Moore

Hi Paul, how are you? Thanks for taking the time to send your music my way. Here are my thoughts. 

The video is ok - . I like the effect you have going, especially with the large face imposed on the screen. For a stronger video, there probably shouldn't have been any mic in the shot and window (?) behind you, just the multiple you's, effected in different ways. Anyhow, the video is neither here nor there as I know the intention was to get feedback on the song.

So I quite liked the song actually. There was really a lot of the downtempo Pink Floyd intensity, and you get the feeling between that and the vocals that this is a serious artist, like Neil Young with Crazy Horse. I like the darkness of it; I could see really being hypnotized by it. The only things, for me, that keep that from happening is...I think you've brought the song to a point where it's quite good, and the next step would be to record it more professionally. The drums were a weakness here. Hiring a studio musician to play the drums would make a HUGE difference and bring more impact to your words.

Speaking of which...in a final production I would hope for a well mixed main vocal with a nice booming Velvet Underground reverb. Also, a lot of parts of the song could have benefited from you (or someone else) doing some back up harmonies, whether with particular lines or words, or atmospheric 'ooohs' and 'aaahs'. There's a lot of things that would sound good. And of course, going with these elements, trippy guitar overdubs!

I think it works as a live performance, but yeah, I feel like it could really be honed and given a bigger treatment. Thanks again for sending!

Ilya Shkipin submitted media.

Sharpie Head by The Laytcomers

James Moore

Hi guys, I commend you on your original musical and vocal approach. There's a whole lot of noise and looseness here that sounds inspired by acts like the Stooges or Drive like Jehu, and I wish more bands had the kind of courage to let it out like this. It makes the band more intriguing and worthy of building a legacy in my eyes. Very cool! I'd love to hear this track in the context of an album/vinyl release. It's probably something I would consider buying as well.

Liquid Hot Magma submitted media.

1000 Words by Liquid Hot Magma

James Moore

Hi guys, thanks for sending. This is very strong - what I like most is how it really escapes the typical Sublime/limited approach to the genres, and really opens up to a plethora of genres. But it's not indulgent; there's a heavy focus on songwriting. The vocals are heartfelt and the backups imaginative. I love the bassline groove and the hopping back and forth from pop to rock. 

I'm really impressed on all counts. This is definitely something I would take on as a publicist/PR company owner myself. I know that many music bloggers and journalists would dig what's happening here. 

Sorry for the lack of critique, but I think all aspects have been given care here and you're hitting the mark fully. Good work guys!

Adrian Eccleston submitted media.

Unbroken (OFFICIAL) by Liz Loughrey

James Moore

My apologies, as pop is not one of my main genres, so this really isn't within my personal tastes. That being said, you handle yourself with a lot of class. The performance was very good, as is the production and the quality of the video. This video definitely needs to be pushed as much as possible to pop outlets, whether through a video distribution/promotion company or other means. All the best and sorry I couldn't help further.

Abraham Sarache submitted media.

The Crush: Eyes of Fire by Abraham Sarache

James Moore

Hi guys, this is an interesting track for the alternative genre, as it harkens back to the more metal-inspired and experimental Soundgarden take on alt rock. I'd say this is a good thing artistically - I wasn't sure what to expect on the first verse, but the chorus is really quite the onslaught. I wavered on my personal thoughts of how into the track I was at different points, but overall I have to say the band comes across as very passionate and charged, and this counts for a lot in my books. It shows. The accent was possibly part of it for me, but it adds to your personal flair.

I'd be curious to hear more of your work. This is a nice fusion.

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Seeing What's Next (Preview) by Hollywood Principle

James Moore

Very crisp production and lots of space in the atmospheres. The vocals are pretty; this track strikes a nice balance between mainstream club music and underground downtempo. It's not my usual, but I find this very pleasant to listen to. It's well done all around, and I think the vocals are dynamic/charismatic enough to make people feel something while listening.

Graham Alexander submitted media.

James Moore

I wasn't sure what to expect here with the neutral studio opening to the video and the abundance of leather jackets; I suppose I was expecting something either a bit cheesy or extremely poppy, but I got neither. What I heard pretty quickly, and what I think is extremely unique (in that I don't know if I've ever heard this) is the Paul McCartney influence on the vocals...and this is such an extremely good thing! Not many people can unleash that kind of melodic, natural rasp and perfect flow and you did it perfectly. I've never heard the McCartney influence done so well. A little James Brown in there too. There's looseness in your vocal flow which shows total confidence.

This is really what makes your music special I'd say because barely anyone else is doing this kind of thing quite this way. Your positive swagger is your strength. Obviously, the music is extremely tight and well-written too, but it's your charisma and voice that are going to win people over. I think this song would lend itself to a stylized video as it sounded like a hit to me; so I have to admit there were times I was hoping for more than the studio shots - but it does look great.

There's really not much else I can say except that you're full on fantastic and I think this sound would be welcomed in many circles. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

James Moore

I liked the presentation. It was clean, sophisticated and fairly clear as to the intent. I say fairly clear because I think that a short blurb could have been added somewhere, possibly at the beginning, stating the problem or challenge. Every business solves a simple problem. Artists and creators right now are undergoing all kinds of processes (waiting in line for opportunities, emailing that goes nowhere, getting ignored by industry pros, etc). Fluence solves a good portion of this problem by being a credible and direct way to get feedback from people who would likely not otherwise see or hear your material. This is the new way of networking, and one that you can be part of (where you were previously shut out). 

Anyhow, I'd rate it an 8/10 and thought it was very well done. 

Vasco Cabecadas submitted media.

Fancy Pants by Savanna

James Moore

This is a strong track with a very dreamy feel; they're capturing the modern dream pop merging with 60's underground psychedelic rock very well. The production is excellent, as is the use of effects and atmospheres. The noisy-ness of the guitars really elevates the song too, adding the dynamic of dirtiness to the otherwise clean sound. My only critique would be the vocals. Don't get me wrong...they're good in the sense that they're perfectly in key and the guys are technically good singers. Solid melodies here. But they seem to be lacking a bit of life and dynamic...it could be the effects on them that makes them sound almost auto-tuned, or that could just be the vocal delivery itself. This, coupled with the repetition of the lyrics and no real changes, drain the song a bit for me. This would sound more affecting with more confidence in the lead vocal. 

If they were chosen to stay the same, I'd say that having some movement with panning and effects to make the repeating vocal more alive and psychedelic like the guitars.
Very good overall though.

Briony Morgan submitted media.

Daylight Paranoia by Sounds of Sirus

James Moore

I have to say, your voice is very strong and I like most of all the unusual choices you're making with it. Your vocal lines are very interesting and they change regularly throughout the song, keeping things interesting. I think this is where you veer off the path of typical radio rock, and that's commendable. 

You're injecting alternative rock/pop with downtempo r&b, emo and prog here and it comes off as accessible, sure, but better than most accessible music. There are a lot of A Perfect Circle and Thrice elements here; there's an extremely artistic feeling to the music, thanks to the many changes in dynamic, atmospheres, etc. Those bands are accessible but respected. Backup vocals from about 0:35 onwards in the verse are fantastic by the way. It's really these kinds of choices that make the band so much more interesting than most mainstream rock artists. 

I don't really have any critiques. This is a solid groove musically, and it's injected with genuine emotion so it makes the listener buy in. Good work!

Bradley Petit-Frere submitted media.

Vortex (Queens) by Eilen

James Moore

Pretty strong track in my opinion. 
Strengths: The use of the beat - having it fully upbeat as opposed to half-time is an unusual choice, making it sound closer to a sped up Tribe Called Quest or The Roots than a lot of the trap happening these days. Funk and refreshing.

The vocals are smooth, well placed, and come across as honest/sincere.

The music itself is excellent; a solid groove that doesn't give up on itself, and would make me curious to hear an EP or album. 

Weaknesses: The weaknesses are moreso omissions than glaring weaknesses but they should be mentioned. For the dynamics of this track to really take off, I felt like there should have been some more atmospheres such as female vocals (besides the backups on the last chorus). Not necessarily the typical r&b chorus of course, but even a chanting voice to support your rhymes and elevate the track. Also, I think your vocals could have reached out a bit more and projected, raised the voice and brought the listener in. While the vocal was smooth, it was almost too smooth, not reeling you in. Playing around with the vocals could really make this take off since the music is pretty much perfectly solid.