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Jared Losow

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Jared Losow

Marketing Director, (le) poisson rouge. Past: Relapse Records, Girlie Action Media, In De Goot Entertainment, San Francisco Symphony
I'm currently the Marketing Director at renowned NYC venue (le) poisson rouge. My history in the music industry includes marketing and project management roles at Relapse Records, Girlie Action Media, In De Goot Entertainment, and the San Francisco Symphony.

I have worked on successful album campaigns with artists such as Amanda Palmer, Dead Can Dance, Pretty Lights, Red Fang, Nothing, Torche, Royal Thunder, Cody Chesnutt, and Meshell Ndegeocello along with indie labels PIAS America, Sunday Best, Naive Recordings, and more.

With my experience in digital marketing, project management, brand strategy, and A&R I am confident that I have the tools to optimize your media project for success. I have been a part of many successful international crowd-funding campaigns, including Amanda Palmer's $1.2 million Kickstarter campaign. 

Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries.
a&r, artist management, music industry, music marketing, social media marketing, social media strategy, digital media
rap, hip-hop, funk, soul, indie rock, indie pop, metal, hard rock, heavy metal, electronic, indie, edm, classical, dance, black metal, thrash metal, experimental, indietronica, indie electronic, metalcore
New York City

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Recent Feedback

Kurt Riley submitted media.

Love Is In My Heart by Kurt Riley

Jared Losow

I love the gothy/mid-century aesthetic of the video. There's definitely a David Bowie meets Soft Cell kind of vibe going on. I love the juxtaposition of the sheer emotionality of the vocal performance against the (programmed?) synth and drums. The guitar is used perfectly as an ornamental piece, allowing the harmony and vocal line to carry the song. Really cool stuff here!

I don't know that I'd change anything about this! I really enjoyed it. The lyrics are great...they FEEL like they fit in the song. I love that artistry and an overtly emotional affect are combined with skillful musicianship here. You can tell that the guitar is more than just a prop here.

Would love to see what your live show is like! Full band? Keep doing what you do...hire a publicist for a PR campaign if you can as you're clearly capable of making some great sounding and looking assets. Best of luck to you and thanks for sharing your work with me!

LEIYUN submitted media.

Jared Losow

Cool, vacuous sounding percussion. This sounds like Boards of Canada meets Porcupine Tree. The strings and other synth sounds could use a bit more tweaking as they sound a little bit like factory presets to my ears (the sitar sound for example). I like the dark and ominous vibe. I think that if you're going to add vocals, this could stand to be developed further with a B part, a bridge, etc.

Thanks for sharing your stuff with me - best of luck! 

Blake Earnhart submitted media.

A Walk In The City by Devin Levi And The Man, Blake

Jared Losow

Cool soulful psych vibes right off the bat. I feel like this is ripe for sync features: imagine this in a Levi's commercial. 

The production is clear and smooth, the vocals are captivating and the instrumentation is solid as a rock. I think you guys have an interesting story with your geographic set-up as well. I'd recommend going for a name that rolls off the tongue a bit better! Also, start building out that web presence - I couldn't find you guys on Facebook.

Thanks for sharing your work with me and best of luck to you guys! 

Jan Ciganik submitted media.

Gumshen -- Fallacy by gumshen

Jared Losow

This is weird! I like it! 

The production is really well done for a track that has so much going on. The chorus is great and vibey and really grounds the whole song in this beautiful dreamy place. I love the way the orchestration builds over the course of the track with new synth/guitar lines thrown on top of the harmonies. You throw a lot of stuff in the mix on this track and take a lot of risks and it all works!

It also seems, from the video, that you've got a good amount of charisma when you perform, so keep playing around the northwest and everywhere else you can. I could see your sound fitting well with a quirky indie label like Mom & Pop or Matador. 

Thanks for sharing you material with me. Best of luck to you guys!

Lena Zawaideh submitted media.

Jared Losow

This is really cool! I love the production and the overall dark vibe of the track. Your voice is fascinating as well: it has this cool sultry, smoky quality to it. The song itself is pretty straightforward and simple but I think that works for it. It lets its strengths shine through. 

The video could use more a of a narrative I feel, but visually it's compelling enough to hold its own. This is a great asset to base a press campaign around, chop up for social ads/teasers, grab stills from, etc.  

Dotted Music submitted media.

Mr. President by Greyfade

Jared Losow

The production and the vibe here is pretty cool. And I like the sentiment behind the song. I think there

Nicolás Cóppola submitted media.

Arumajiro, Part 2 by Nicolás Cóppola

Jared Losow

This is dope. Love the psych-y vibes and that persistent bassline that just kind of hypnotizes you. Almost as if Boards of Canada and Tame Impala had a baby in deep space while on LSD. Zombi is maybe a big influence here?

I love the synth-rock outro too. It makes me want to hear the whole album too as this track hints at the variety and range you might have on a full-length. 

I love the subtle yet effective changes throughout the song. Super effective. I also love the armadillo spaceship concept. Anything to give your music context within a story always help to pique people's interest. I would definitely develop that moving forward.

In addition to working on your sound, I would try and collaborate as much as possible. Do remixes, feature guest vocalists, etc. Also, start to conceptualize your live show. Fog machines, lights set-up, projections....they're not as expensive/difficult as you'd think. Since you're a visual artist at heart, I'm sure you can come up with some really exciting stuff.

Thanks for sharing your work with me. I really enjoyed it! I wish you the best of luck moving forward.

J.VEN Smith submitted media.

Barely Alive by J.VEN

Jared Losow

Initial reactions: Your voice is good - you know what you're doing in that regard. Production here is solid and I really like the cadence of the chorus.

Sonically, this sounds like a lot of pop music, but the production is a bit more interesting. It has a sort of "vacuous" quality to it which I, as a fan of IDM and ambient music, am really taken with. The production also serves the dynamics of the song very well; I like the way the drum patterns and orchestration build with each repeated verse/chorus.

From your social media, it looks like you're already working on some radio promo. I would amp up the social push, throw some money at FB/IG ads. Getting some great video content would be crucial for that as well, and generally very helpful especially for this genre. Plus, you're a handsome dude so your face should be everywhere you can get it. Even the art for this single...you should be able to see your face on it. That's more likely to attract attention/clicks. After you've spent some time building up your social numbers, an exploratory 6-week press campaign would serve you well. 

I would also work on collabs with fellow artists. Network, get some remixes done by friends (or commission some from pros), see if you can get a featured spot, etc. Your style is ripe for that kind of stuff and you never know who is going to take off when. It can't hurt to share your talents during the formative stages of your career.

Altogether, this is a great track and I really like what you're doing. It's pretty obvious to me that you're a talented individual...hopefully lots of other people figure that out too! Thanks for sharing your work with me; I look forward to seeing what's next for you.

Mike Miller submitted media.

Robin Hood by Page One Project

Jared Losow

I like the hazy production and the Fleet Foxes kinda vibe you have going on. Sounds like a modern medieval band of troubadours. The musicianship is pretty solid and the vocals are on point. There are times that it seems like you're trying to fit too many syllables into a line. I can tell that your lyricism is important to you but sometimes it's better to scale back a bit to make the whole thing a bit more musical. 

The great thing about your sound is that it's friendly. This would be appropriate for lots of family-oriented / community events and festivals which tend to pay out more than your average indie show at a small venue. Reach out to some event planners or local talent agents. Also, I might spend a few bucks on some social media ads as your following there could us a little boost. Try to post some more engaging content as well to get fans to interact with you.

Thanks for sharing!

Mark Rogers submitted media.

Right Here by Mark Rogers

Jared Losow

Initial reactions: Really well-produced. You clearly have a particular sound/style in mind and you pretty much hit it on the nose. I think that's a lot harder to do than it sounds. Great hook-y chorus, I like the build of the song from start to finish...especially with the vocal harmonies.

From a "marketing guy" perspective, my favorite thing about this song is its versatility. It kind of comes in like a country song with the slide guitar and everything...but it's a really well-constructed song with a great chorus melody and "levels out" as a kind of folk rock song that you could easily hear on the radio, in the supermarket, at a barbecue restaurant, at Six Flags....and I mean all that as a compliment! You could also skew towards the indie folk crowd in the same vein as a Wilco or Fleet Foxes. I think the lyrics are a bit on the hokey side...but that hasn't gotten in the way of a lot of artists' success.

I would test the waters with a college radio campaign. Pick 3-4 of your radio-friendly tracks and see what gets picked up in which format. It will be a good way to see which audience relates most closely with your music. I'd also throw a few dollars at some social media ads. I found your FB page...after some digging. "Mark Rogers" is a bit harder to google than some gnarly band name, so maybe look into getting some SEO/web help if that isn't your bag. Your web presence needs to stand out more. 

Either way, solid stuff here! Thanks for sharing with me and best of luck to you!

Francesco D'Andrea submitted media.

Sharp Thin Blade by Black Market Aftermath

Jared Losow

Cool kinda Black Keys vibes but actually interesting. I like the undertones of 60's psych and stoner rock like Fu Manchu...but it's still very much accessible and radio-friendly. I can picture the kids at Coachella dancing to this.

The vocals are spot on and the instrumentation is rock solid, like something pulled out of an early The Who cut. Great chops on display here but it serves the song perfectly too. It's a good length; doesn't let the instrumental section get too noodley so it stays accessible. The production is perfect with equal parts retro-fuzz and modern clarity. 

I see you're getting ready to tour. That's good. You should tour and tour a lot. Being in Europe gives you the opportunity to reach a lot of different markets pretty easily so take advantage of that as much as possible. A light press campaign would do wonders in advance of a tour. 

You have a good chunk of social media followers but not that much engagement. Take some more photos, shoot some more candid video, and generally try and generate some quality content that fans will want to interact with. I don't see any band photos, so try and get something scheduled with that photographer friend of yours. 

In the longer term, I would recommend you try and land yourselves a good management deal since (I think) there's a high ceiling for your sound. When you submit your material, try and think of THE track that would hook people and lead with that. Maybe create an EP of the 3-4 tracks that you can really envision being on the radio one day. Possible label homes could be the likes of Dine Alone Records, ATO Records, Ridingeasy Records, etc. 

Thank you for submitting your work! I wish you the best of luck and look forward to what's next from you guys.

Scott Bednar submitted media.

Suffocate by Resistance

Jared Losow

You guys know what you're doing. Tight musicianship, really well-structured song, great vocal hooks and harmonies, a guitar solo that serves the songs, and a solid rhythm section. I could see this being played at a Journey's or Vans store - and I mean that as a compliment! It sounds like you guys have a good handle on what you want to sound like and how to execute.

You're playing lots of shows in your area which I think is great. Keep doing it. Get to know promoters and people in the local scene, work your way onto bigger and bigger bills, and expand into some DIY regional tours. I like the quirky little videos of Mimi that you guys post on social media. If you have the budget, consider putting some money into some FB ads targeting similar artists/labels. It would help that great content reach some more eyeballs.

I would look into some local radio promo, especially if you can up the touring a little bit. Some light PR could help you guys out, but since you guys have such a niche sound, make sure you select someone who is familiar with alt rock / pop punk press. Be frugal if you go that route - most bands in your genre don't become press darlings. Radio > Press for you guys.

I hope I was able to help you guys out a little bit. Best of luck to you!

chasbo zelena submitted media.

The Claw by Chasbo Zelena

Jared Losow

Love the video. It's great to have an asset like this for a press campaign, web/social media ads, and general marketing endeavors. The song is simple, fun, and easy. I like the psychedelic synth instruments that are subtly sprinkled throughout...very Flaming Lips. Lots of great lyrics that get stuck in your head.

You've got a great mix of 60's psych and americana that's all pretty stoner-y. I like it a lot. I could see it on a label like Riding Easy with great coverage and premieres from High Times, Noisey, etc. This could be pretty press-friendly so I'd recommend a go at a press campaign and playing lots of shows in your region. 

To the BlankTV folks: I would advise removing "Retarded" from your marketing materials. Not exactly cool.

S.T.R.A.P submitted media.

Kid from Zion by S.T.R.A.P

Jared Losow

Love the brass samples! Gives it a very old-school noire kinda sound but still sounds very modern. Great beat. Really nice flow here. It sounds both aggressive and thoughtful at the same time. 

It's awesome to have a great video like this as an asset. I'd recommend trying to get a publicist on board to get an outlet to premiere this as blogs are more likely to premiere a video than a track alone. I'd also get small snippets of the video made by the director so that you can use them to tease the video on social media. If they can work in some text like "Coming Soon" or have the release date, that'd be even better.

Love what you're doing here and hope you can continue to do it! Best of luck and thanks for sharing your work with me.

Logan Dunbar submitted media.

It's Alright by Logan Dunbar + The Empty Vessels

Jared Losow

You've written a great part - but I feel like this song could use a little variation. Great "sad bastard music" production and instrumentation. The vocals could use some work either in the mixing stage by adding more reverb/spacey sounding effects or vocal lessons could help; it sounds like there's some fatigue in maintaining that breathy voicing and some vocal exercises could go a long way. There would be less audible inhalations during vocal cadences.

Really great vibe and instrumentation going here. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next. Best of luck!

submitted media.

Jared Losow

The video plays like an Under Armour commercial - I mean that as a compliment. Inspiring! 

I like the jagged cadence of your flow and your lyricism is pretty solid. Weakest point of the song I think is the backing track. Some of the synth samples sound a little basic. Otherwise I think this is a solid track and you've got some skills. 

I see on your FB page that you've opened for some big names. Keep that up. Keep handing out mixtapes and promoting your video/tracks online. Having a video like this is a great asset for promoting yourself and starting to gain a following. 

Best of luck to you and thanks for sharing your work!

Gary Scully submitted media.

Jared Losow

Always good to have a unique video to kick off an album cycle. If you can create more great visual assets like this, you should definitely do so. It makes press that much easier to get.

Sonically, I think you could stand to play around with some different timbres and production. The combo of basic synth drums, strings and piano just comes off a little especially since the music itself isn't exactly reinventing the wheel. The song title and subject matter would go great with some weird, murky production along the lines of Portishead, Morcheeba, Massive Attack etc.

Thanks for sharing and best of luck!

Bobby Lewis submitted media.

Working For The Bad Guys by Mustardmind

Jared Losow

"Emerging from the Gowanus Canal" <- Love it!

I dig this a lot. I hear traces of The Album Leaf meets The Dismemberment Plan with the entrancing atmosphere of the former and the proggy bounciness of the latter. Great song title too. Great verse/chorus dynamics, a bridge that totally makes sense in context of the song (but could do with a better build into that downbeat on the halftime part), and a great resolution at the end. Musicianship is spot on. Vocals were a bit pitchy at the lower end of the singer's range.

You guys should get a publicist ASAP. This is total Brooklyn blog fodder and I think you guys would have great success in the editorial world. If you have a friend who can help you make a quirky music video too, that would make your publicist's job that much easier. 

Best of luck and thanks for sharing your music!

Brian Easley submitted media.

Marfa by Exit Vehicles

Jared Losow

Getting some of those math-y post hardcore vibes right off the bat: Mars Volta, Alexisonfire, Boys Night Out. I like the way the drums change from the first verse to the second - it helps keep the song moving forward. The drums overall really shine through on this track. The vocals aren't really doing it for me on this one. They come off a bit awkward. I think something closer to a more traditional post-hardcore vocal style would work better...more Thursday than Dismemberment Plan.

Overall, I think you guys still need to find a your sound a bit more. You betray your influences very obviously...just make it your own a bit more. The musicianship on this track is really solid, especially the rhythm section which really carries it. Don't be afraid to experiment and get weird. I look forward to hearing what you guys come up with next.

Cheers and thanks for sharing!

Rick Eitzen submitted media.

Banyan Tree by Darling Hurts

Jared Losow

Love the band name. I get a very "sweet" vibe from this track. There's plenty of melancholy in there with just a touch of whimsy. The vocals are really well done; the harmonies sound great; the song is well-crafted and builds and concludes nicely. You guys definitely know what you're doing!

There isn't much I'd change about the sound. You can always do more lo-fi recordings to appeal to the indie-centric crowds.

You guys seem to have a pretty good handle on social media. Maybe spend a few bucks on some Facebook ads to help boost your numbers and get more eyeballs on the great content you're sharing. 

Thanks for sharing your music with me. I look forward to seeing what's next for you guys!

Vincent Sorgentoni submitted media.

Origin Of Species by Coronal Mass Ejection

Jared Losow

Nice! Sounds like Lightning Bolt at 25% speed. Love the sounds here and the way it builds up and gets epic over the course of the song. The leads really blend well with the rest of the track and help carry it forward.

I really like almost everything about this track. Production is nice and gritty and organic sounding. Only criticism would be that it could use a B section to make it sound a bit more dynamic. The whole song seems like a big variation off one theme and if you're not going to have any vocals I think you need a bit more variation.

Awesome stuff - keep up the great work!

submitted media.

Jared Losow

Round three! You guys already know how I feel about lyric videos so I'll skip that part.

Real down home KENTUCKY feel with that opening guitar pluck'n! The vocal/overall production is hazy enough to sound pretty modern/hip. Almost has a Borns kinda feel - clean vocals sound a bit Oasis/Coldplay-ish but can use some work. You've got a good voice but it's a bit pitchy at points. Vocal lessons? 

Try not to fall into too much of a formula when it comes to songwriting. Every song I've heard thus far has that big instrumental/solo section. Don't be Dream Theater or some other wanky prog band. You're good songwriters - let the songs speak for themselves. This one ends a little weird too. Could use another repeat of the chorus or a bigger and more epic finale. 

You guys sound like you've got a promising future ahead of you. I'm excited to see where you go from here. Thanks again for sharing your music with me.

submitted media.

Jared Losow

Hey - it's you guys again. I'll say off the bat, I really dislike lyric videos. I don't think anyone cares about them anymore. That said - this one is really well-produced.

Now...the song. I dig the music but I'm not really feeling the semi-rapping vocal approach. The "whoa-oh-ohh's" sound really good and the leads are great fun. There's potential for great commercial appeal here, though you clearly don't stick with that approach with the guitar solo and instrumental sections (which are a tad sloppy). I think you guys are capable of writing something that could be on rock radio.

Check out In De Goot Entertainment for management. They manage Black Stone Cherry and Highly Suspect among others - which could be a great pairing. They're also experts at rock radio.

Thanks again!

submitted media.

Jared Losow

It started all Fratellis and ZZ Top and then turned Fu Manchu real quick! The screams caught me off guard in a good way. I love the half-time feel of the chorus and the production feels raw and gritty. There is some 90's alt rock in there somewhere but it doesn't feel like a nod to 90's alt rock if that makes sense.

The video itself was like Office Space meets Red Fang. Fun stuff!

The sound is pretty accessible so I could see a wide variety of outlets and labels being interested in it. One of my first thoughts is that this probably translates really well live if you can pull off that big, thick guitar tone on stage. I think a booking agent could be a big priority for you guys...those big slow riffs should convert people in the clubs. So get out there on the road ASAP!

I enjoyed this a lot! Thank you for sharing.

David Nyro submitted media.

Jared Losow

Arpeggios for days! The song develops in a cool way - I like the way the vocal effects change over the course of the song. 

There's a lot going on here...a bit too much in fact. There's rock and electronic stuff going on but the vocals almost have a country twang to them? The drums sound vibrant and the cymbals trashy but I feel like a more minimal sound might go better with everything else that's happening. I would work on focusing what you have here into a sound that's your own. Maybe start with the instrumentation, find your voice in that regard and then see what kind of vocals fit there. I love the dark and vibey direction you're going in, but I think it's a bit maximalist here. Sometimes less is more!

Thanks for sharing and best of luck! I look forward to hearing what comes next.

Danny Meigel submitted media.

Transformer by Foresterr

Jared Losow

Awesome metallic noise rock vibes. Reminds me of that Hydra Head Records sound (Daughters, Oxbow, Botch, Cave In, etc) with a good dose of Every Time I Die mixed in. Great balance of dissonance, catchy vocal melodies, and stop/start prog transitions. The production sounds raw and real.

The only criticism I can think of is that this song goes on a bit too long. I think your style lends itself to shorter songs. Get in, mess em up, get out. 

I could see press outlets like Alt Press, Aquarian Weekly, PunkNews.org, Lambgoat, etc really championing this stuff. Labels I'd focus on would be Epitaph, Rise, Ferret, Brutal Panda, etc. Play lots of shows and go crazy at those shows. Lots of energy in the music - should be matched with a great charismatic stage presence. I see you guys live on Long Island - don't play in Long Island. Get your asses to Brooklyn, Philly, DC, Boston...do everything you can to get around the Northeast. I know that's easier said than done but that should be a goal. There's really no industry in LI. 

Really enjoyed this track! Thanks for sharing. Best of luck to you guys.

Katie Schottland submitted media.

Cage by STILLS

Jared Losow

60s vibes: achieved. Vocal harmonies sound good, though they're a bit overdone. They might be more effective if saved for the pre-chorus and/or chorus. 

Production sounds really good. I like the reverb-soaked "ooh ahs" in the background. Plenty of haze and soft atmosphere to go with the really great songwriting. I would've maybe liked to have heard a more memorable vocal melody in the chorus.

The vintage vacation footage video premise is a bit tired, but won't really hurt you. 

Altogether, great stuff. I look forward to listening to more of it!

Daniel Larson submitted media.

Shiva by Elay Arson

Jared Losow

I like this a lot. It reminds me of Zombi/Maserati/Steve Moore with traces of trip hop and ambient influences. I hear hints of dark electronic music like Blanck Mass, Pinkish Black, etc. 

Love those throbbing synths and female vox. They really set the atmosphere for the whole track. I love the drums which feel like they're live even if they aren't. 

I don't really get the double-time tom groove at around 1:45. It kind of throws the vibe off a bit for me. I would continue to work on your songwriting and tying different parts together, but I think you're off to an amazing start. The feel is there and that's something you can't be taught.

I'm really into this and I look forward to hearing the whole album. I could see this at home on labels like Sacred Bones, The Flenser, or even Relapse Records. 

Jason Cardinal submitted media.

Jared Losow

Great chunk of songwriting here, though I think the vocal approach could use a little work. You could improve your projection as It sounded a bit "breathy" and pitchy at points. 

Try and simplify your website a bit too. All of the important stuff should be on one single page. Think of it as more of a hub than a destination for now.

Dean Merritt submitted media.

Fire Away by Trouble in the Wind

Jared Losow

Initial reactions - Has a very Kurt Vile kinda feel right off the bat...that hazy-stonery kind of indie folk.

Great catchy chorus and powerful vocals...almost Neil Young like. The lyrics are great - they sound important if that makes sense. Great harmonic movement here between the different parts of the song. This feels honest and real and would benefit immensely from some quirky production from someone who's really well versed in the more "vibey" and "ambient" side of things. I think that will help expand your audience outside the regular folk/country scene. This can be hip!

If you can afford it, I'd recommend looking for a publicist who can maybe put you in front of some new audiences. Even a short 6-8 week awareness campaign would tell you guys a lot about where the potential is for new listeners.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

Luis Bonilla submitted media.

Nature Of The Beast by The Von

Jared Losow

There's a definite Queens of The Stone Age meets The Picturebooks meets Thin Lizzy kinda vibe going on here. Really great hooky vocal melodies over a solid rhythm section. I love the guitar work; it complements the vocals perfectly, never getting in the way...providing a supporting role when necessary and stepping into center stage when the song calls for it. Really great job here!

It's my experience that labels like to see a band that is ready to work. Digging the music is obviously #1, but it speaks volumes to see a band that is already active on social media, touring (even within a region), and trying to make things happen on their own. You guys seem to have all of the above, plus some great looking products and artwork going on. Keep pursuing the labels, but also keep the DIY thing going. 

Some label targets I'd recommend: RidingEasy Records, Razor and Tie, Dine Alone Records. Start interacting with bands on their label if you can. Nab opening spots when they come to town if you can. Research who does PR for some of their acts and, if you can afford it, hire them for a campaign. 

Thank you for submitting and best of luck to you guys!

Shaun Hettinger submitted media.

Jared Losow

I like the way this track builds in intensity but retains its trance-like qualities. It's got a catchy chorus and the dynamics rise and fall nicely throughout the track which kept it interesting for me. The song doesn't feel too long or too short...it starts, does what it needs to do, and ends satisfyingly.

The vocals are the only thing that I think could use a little work. The voice is somewhat laid back and while I think it works for the verses, it could use a little "oomph" during the chorus. This can be achieved in a few ways: a more prominent vocal effect, some backup vocals, or even a different singer during those sections. 

I love the protest song element of it too. I think it's always a good move to make music that lyrically reflects what's going on in the world. That way it has context without necessarily sounding dated.

Makes me think of: Daft Punk, Shit Robot, Hot Chip, Mr. Little Jeans
Recommended PR firms: Girlie Action, Tell All Your Friends, Terrorbird

Black Snak submitted media.

Bad Beat by Black Snak

Jared Losow

Great gritty production. I hear the QOTSA and Helmet parallels but not necessarily Foo Fighters. This track is definitely further left than that. I'm thinking more Clutch and Fu Manchu than Foo; more stoner metal than radio rock.

I love the odd-time groove during the verse. Great melodic vocal sensibilities. This is a great example of a song that doesn't re-invent the wheel but is 100% enjoyable. I listened to it twice!

The song is great and I really can't think of any advice to make it better. What I would advise is to aim for the metal crowds. They are way more open to bands like Red Fang that fall more on the stoner rock side of things these days. It's a more diverse and welcoming community than it used to be. Go for a PR campaign with a metal-centric firm like Earsplit or Freeman Promotions and spend some dollars on Facebook ads targeting heavier bands and labels.

Makes me think of: Red Fang, Fu Manchu, Helmet, Crowbar, Clutch, Whores

submitted media.

Corazón Maltratado by TINY PURPLE FISHES

Jared Losow

I love the chromatically descending bassline!

This is like somewhere between Augustus Pablo type dub and trip-hop meets latin music. I love the way you guys trade off solos as you're all clearly very skilled players. There is a definite VIBE to this track and I think it would be awesome if you guys experimented with some remixers. Besides being a really interesting experience musically, it would open you guys up to a whole new audience. If coverage on websites and blogs is your goal, that could help as it would be a cool asset. Also, play lots of shows in and around your area!

You guys have a pretty small Facebook audience so I would try running some FB ads as well, maybe using 15-30 second clips of this video. Familiarize yourself with Facebook's best practices to make the most of it. You need to update the Instagram link on your official site too.

I'm really into what you guys are doing! Best of luck. 

Vizion submitted media.

Tokens by Vizion

Jared Losow

Thanks for being my first submission!

I really like the general vibe of this track. It has a nice sort of dream pop sheen to it with a bit of a down-tempo hip-hop flavor thrown in there as well. I could see this being a backing track for someone like The Weeknd as well as the basis for a Beach House track. It's a versatile sound and there are a lot of ways one can go with this.

Production-wise, the sounds are a little generic so some weird layering or re-mixing of the synths could do wonders along humanizing/randomizing the velocity of some of the drum hits. I'm noticing now that you're only 16 so I certainly see a bright future for you as a producer.

While I don't feel this track is a standalone single (and I'm not sure it's meant to be) I think it could be awesome as a backing track for an indie, R&B, neo-soul, hip-hop, etc vocalist. I think you should work on networking and working with collaborators as much as possible. Go to shows, get to know people, shake hands, get business cards made, and get your music in the hands of as many people as possible. I feel like the right collaboration(s) could do wonders for you down the road.

Cheers and best of luck to you.


yochay mocsari submitted media.

I Went Down The Road Today by Claus Zinger

Jared Losow

Great Lynchian vibe to this track. I love the ambiance and the production is really haunting and dark.