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Joe Sparrow

Founder/Editor/Etc of A New Band A Day blog
Ludicrous music blogger at, since 2008. Pops up on the radio every now and then. Manchester, UK
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Dominic Scott submitted media.

You Had My Heart by Coronation Ball

Joe Sparrow

Intriguing vocals - there's something about that mix of male/female call-and-response-type of song construction that is really appealing. Both vocals are good, and quite piercing (and the male vocal reminds me of a great Brighton band, Straw Bear).

Nice song construction - spacious and not just filled with noise. It's an interesting mix of traditional pop song and modern wub-wub bass! There's something here which is a hop away from the ordinary - but it's accessible and hooky.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

When You Fall by Claus Zinger

Joe Sparrow

Wow, this took me by surprise a bit! The production and vocals walk along a really impressive line... veering from outré and almost abrasive to slick pop. Similarly, the effects applied to the vocals might have been a mistake on other songs, but works well in the parameters of this song. 

The production is really interesting and enjoyable... odd but engaging. In fact, you could sum up the whole song as 'odd but engaging'... it keeps taking totally unexpected turns, but not in a haphazard or ADHD way. The song evolves over its timespan in a satisfying way... I wanted to see where it would go. Smart.

I can see the kind of music bloggers who are into experimental pop, out-of-the-ordinary electronic music and interesting singer-songwriters etc being into this. Maybe fans of Animal Collective or The Knife?

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Ouaga Noma (Blanka/AE) by Astrid Engberg

Joe Sparrow

I really like this! I listened more than once :) The blend of the 'world music'-y guitars and the curious pop elements work really nicely together, and the production is satisfyingly lo-fi. 

I can see you picking up some decent online/blog coverage if you pitched it to the writers who enjoy odd-pop, female singers and those who have already written about The Avalanches and maybe Animal Collective.