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Lily Kuo

Founder/Editor of Minored In Music
Multi-instrumentalist. Music blogger.

Nerdy joke enthusiast, Alexander Scriabin devotee, Biomedical Engineer, Party Animal, Future World Saver.

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sleeperzzZ band submitted media.

Lily Kuo

Dude, hell YES! This track hits all the pop sweet spots I can think of. I love the intro here - it's unique, but not foreign in an unpalatable way. It starts the ball rolling on a really great accompaniment motif. The hook is so on point here - it keeps the track moooovin' (punny, no?) and captures my attention for the entirety of the track. Even though the melodic hook is pretty simple and sort of just sways about the notes of a G chord, it fits with the rest of the track succinctly and doesn't overwhelm a listener. I'm even going to compliment the length of the track here - you've hit a sweet spot with the duration so that the song ends up feeling like one that you could definitely come back to and repeat over.

Nicely done. Thanks for the share, and keep up the good work! I'll be happy to share this one on Minored In Music. 

Shaun Hettinger submitted media.

Lily Kuo

Dude, this track is seriously fascinating! Firstly, I have to give you props on your production - the sound you've created erects this great wall of sound, but is simultaneously clean and readily palatable. Nice work with the ambient + trance vibe, you really put your listener into an otherworldly space. 

As a music critic who is nuts about a dynamic melody, the melody is the main space where I feel there could be a lot of room for improvement. It sounds like you're wavering around a safe vocal space (F#-G#-A) and the melodic line stagnates there while the rest of the music pulsates and flows. It would be great to focus on bringing in a more dynamic melody - something with range, or at least something with a more memorable motif. You'd make more of an impact on the listener that way.

Anyway, I'm sufficiently impressed. I'm happy to share this track on Minored In Music. Look out for it in the upcoming 2 weeks.

Todd Matthews submitted media.

Satisfied by My Darling Fury

Lily Kuo

Uh, YES with that beat! Within the first few seconds,  you've got my attention - which is always a major plus. With such a strong start, I'm impressed that the rest of the track holds up to it... I love the unique instrumentals and clear vocals. It's going to take me a couple listens to really get a handle for what I'd like to give feedback for on this track, because it's layered and sprinkled with influences from big band, and folk (I'm getting African and Latin vibes, but I'm too uneducated on folk to make a definitive declaration), and dance pop. 

Check, check, and check. You've whetted my appetite and I'm definitely posting a glowing review of your track on Minored in Music in the upcoming 2 weeks. Thanks so much for sharing, and please keep in touch on other new releases you have!

Shaun Hettinger submitted media.

Lily Kuo

There's a lot going on here - an electroheavy beat, an understated pop vocal line, choral echoes, and a melodic line that that makes big promises in the verses but ultimately don't blow me away in the chorus when everything else is at its culmination. If I were to make changes to this track, I'd say match the intensity of the melody to the accompaniment, which is a PARTY. Bring those vocals up in production and chromaticize the chorus melody a bit. You'll have something I'd want played at all of my dance parties then!

Michael Hazani submitted media.

Presque Vu by Qualia

Lily Kuo

Nice surprise in the intro, i was pleasantly surprised with the video-gamey start turning into intense, happy pop. Overall, really well done with the production on this one - it is definitely summer pop hit ready. The melody is ear-wormy, which is definitely what you're trying to accomplish here. My only suggestion to make the track edgier is to introduce some kind of key change riff - the track is pretty predictable in where the melody and cadences take you.

Well done, though! I think your target audience here is the beachy, summery teenager.

Max Greenhalgh submitted media.

In My Labyrinth Mind by Inspired and the Sleep

Lily Kuo

I'm not gonna lie... I was underwhelmed with the accompaniment on this track at first. But then, I hit the chorus and actually got a shiver down my spine!! It was a little what-the-fuck-y, which is soo KILLER. Loooved it. The sounds swirl pretty epically and have such a life in this song. The unpredictable progression is right up my alley, and certainly I'm planning to help promote by sharing this track on Minored in Music. Look out for it in the upcoming week! Thanks for the awesome share.

Matt Eckholm submitted media.


Lily Kuo

This song does a great job of staying in your head, even after it's over - the melody is catchy, and the accompaniment (in its slightly rock, slightly pop vibe) is definitely memorable. However, because you have a catchy melody and accompaniment, I would use that as an opportunity to do something unique with your verses - I hear a lot of the same over and over again. The arpeggiated keyboard could have a different line, maybe instead of ascending, it could do a little descending - after the second listen, it starts sounding more elevator music-y and less cool rock pop-y. 

Overall though, great sound. I like your voice, and I like that you keep it gruff and low. Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing!

The Dø submitted media.

Lily Kuo

I LOVE this track, and LOVE this music video. I've actually already posted this music video on my blog here: <> a few months ago when I found it.

I think the production here is spot on, and the melody is perfectly dynamic. The music video is explosively colorful (in terms of the energy level and the entire scene). I'm a huge fan, and want to hear about all of The Do's new releases.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

To Be So Sad by Claus Zinger

Lily Kuo

Wow! It's clear you know how to reign the very unique voice you've been born with and use it to your stylistic advantage. In the first two seconds, I was ready to discount this track, but after a full three listens, I'm convinced that no other vocals could have added such dimensionality to the piece.

You've incorporated a very interesting use of a classic jazz band- the use of keyboard in that atonal realm brings a nostalgic sound aboard. This piece is uncategorizable in the best possible way! No one genre can define the direction you've taken the sound here. Well done!

submitted media.

Lily Kuo

This is a pretty dope cover/remix. It sounded so original I had to go back and listen to Azealia Banks' original Chasing Time. You've put in a crazy powerful bass line and the cool way you warped her vocals is clever because it sounds like you've created an original piece and that is just a cherry-on-top kind of soundbite you included. Remixing is obviously a serious talent of yours!

Honestly, I dig this more than the original. You've captured a really interesting spirit in this track and elevated the sound several notches. Thanks for the share. 

Nicholas Watson submitted media.

Beltane by Nick Watson

Lily Kuo

This gave me goosebumps within the first 20 seconds. The track starts with a great otherworldly sound, which I really dig. However, when about 50 seconds have passed, and the notes in the treble range don't seem to have a particular direction, and the bass guitar wavers about the same notes as well, I'm a little thrown. The overall sound is quite pretty, but there is no apparent development that happens within the short track. It would be great as a standalone piece if you were able to chime some melody into that top treble line and write in a simple little counterpoint in the bass so that when the track ends, it feels like there is more finality and that the journey you took with the track has actually made an interesting and lasting impact on your listening experience.

Thank you for the share! Keep up the good work!

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Lily Kuo

Woah, this is a killer performance. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Lily Kuo

1. This video was insanely helpful. I wish I had the opportunity to see it when I first started on Fluence, but I know that it is a budding company and improvements are constantly being made. The new format for submissions is so helpful for curators to navigate through. It would be great to slow things down for sort of beginner how-to's, particularly for the artists looking to get feedback on their work.
2. I've been using Fluence submission links all over my blog, and I think the twitter presence is great. I think if all the curators who have profiles on Fluence could make sure to promote its use on their own websites/blogs/etc., it may become more mainstream and accessible to all sorts of artists. I'm not sure if PR firms know about Fluence, but I would particularly target those people (PR, management, etc.) - I get a lot of hefty, unreadable emails from those promoters asking me to review their artists' LPs and EPs, and if I could just get a streamlined submission in a clean format (like through Fluence), I would be much more amenable to spending my time rifling through and reviewing new media.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Lily Kuo

This track is such a calming, spiritual piece of music to have experienced. I'm enchanted by the all the vocals and how calming they are - I actually believe that this piece would be much improved without any of the arpeggiated accompaniment. That the accompaniment is completely electronic sort of detracts from the overall feel of the track, which feels very austere. The harmonized vocals would do well as a cappella, or perhaps with a very simplified arpeggiating piano. Overall, the sound is excellent and I wouldn't change a thing about the melodic line or harmony.

The video is pretty, but I don't feel that it enhances or even complements my experience listening to the very beautiful track.

Zack Anselm submitted media.

Lord Knows by !mindparade

Lily Kuo

This is my favorite kind of find - inventive, unpredictable, complex, and constantly developing. The introduction jumps straight into it with the nearly accidental sounding strings. The vocals start off nebulously - I'm not sure where to follow the melodic line, and what key things are in, or anything, and I have to say, I LOVE that. The track seems to settle, which isn't what I'd predict - until about 0:40 in, when the trippy vibe comes right back in to take its place. The instrumentals in "Lord Knows" are delicately tempered, and that in and of itself is a little trippy with the otherwise windy melodic and harmonic lines. 

The length here is spot on, and the ABA form (or at least, what I gather) is just what the listener needs to try and understand what is happening. Even the string ensemble fade-away is perfect for the track.

Basically I couldn't gush more. I am so excited you sent me this track (!!!), and can't wait to post about it on MIM. Thanks, and keep sharing, please please!

Paul Hale submitted media.

Taking You Out by The Landed

Lily Kuo

The way this track starts is sort of magical - that fast arpeggiation in the guitar reminds of crisp fall weather, and the vocals here are a perfect match. The production changes more abruptly than I am prepared for at 0:49 - with the electronic-ized vocals and sudden drum intro, giving the track a pop-punk vibe. The melody in the chorus is solid, but I'm left still feeling just a little disjointed from the folk-vibe at the beginning and the punk-vibe a little ways through, especially because as the chorus really digs in, that heavy, punky sound dissipates a little bit (which I like). Musically speaking, I dig. Production-wise, I think there is a little room for improvement there.

Olax (The Mind Mess) submitted media.

Copenhagen Lies by The Mind Mess

Lily Kuo

The overall vibe of "Copenhagen Lies" is pretty sweet - it's summery and jazzy right at the start, and the vocals only add to the laid-back feel of everything. The chorus is catchy and sticks with you throughout the track - I do think that more could be done with the melody to make the full 4 minutes more progressive, though. I can't tell if the literal-ness of the lyrics in the verses is meant to be taken at face value, or if there is some level of facetiousness there - in my opinion, I would be careful when it comes to those lyrics, especially because the melody they accompany is easy to recognize, and hasn't changed from the beginning - adding more layers to the meanings behind the lyrics is a good idea in this kind of circumstance. I do like the main melody, but I also think that 4 minutes is perhaps too long to spend in the same key on the same octave with the same melody - some production or musical development here would make a big difference. Overall, thanks for the share and keep me updated on new releases!

Drew Forsberg submitted media.

Pretty Boy by The Persian Leaps

Lily Kuo

I really like the way you work with the Beach Boys influence here. The simple melodic ideas are executed really well, but I think you could introduce a different motif in the verse, maybe throw in a key change? Because the listener may be able to predict what is coming next about half way through the track, it would be cool to throw them for a little loop and come back to the really likeable melody closer to the end (like ABA form). The guitar reprieve about 1/2 of the way through is really cool, and I'm glad that comes through in the track - gives it more of a rock'n'roll feel that I dig.

Joe Turner submitted media.

Silver Tassels by Joe Turner & the Seven Levels

Lily Kuo

Great pacing in the intro - I like that I can't predict exactly what kind of melody I'm about to hear. I get a 60's vibe... until I hear the first verse. Great unpredictability! I would turn up the treble in your sound - I want to hear those awesome vocals more because I think the melody really works. The hazy guitar is creating an ambiance that I think you may want to tone down slightly. Overall, very cool vibe and unique sound. Everything is rather polished, and I love the summer feel I get here! Great work - I'm happy to post this on my blog (look out for it within the next week!).

Alex Robertson submitted media.

Walk Away by Vos Lake

Lily Kuo

I SO DIG THIS. I've been looking for a track with this super chill pace for a while. Normally, I'd say that a track lasting 4:52 is too long, but the steady way VosLake introduces the motifs throughout makes the 4:52 pass by like no time at all. There are a lot of great ideas here: the simple synth, the techno-influenced accompaniment, the almost-spoken intonation of the vocals. I'm excited that I don't know that I can totally categorize "Walk Away" under one single genre of music. Great sound, excellent producing quality, and uber cool ideas. Thanks for this submission - I will so be putting "Walk Away" on Minored In Music in the next week. Looking forward to more by VosLake (make sure to send it my way!).

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Ouaga Noma (Blanka/AE) by Astrid Engberg

Lily Kuo

Overall, I am impressed with Ouaga Noma - what a unique sound you bring to the table! I like that the melody and lyrics are simple - it pairs well with the complex percussive backtrack. In terms of clear production, I feel like the echo-y/hissy background noise detracts from the otherwise well-produced track. Not sure if you're going for lo-fi sound there, but it ends up sounding more like poor recording equipment problems, which I'm sure isn't what you want to convey!

In terms of promotion tips, I like this track, and would be happy to post it on my blog. I think being featured on hype machine included blogs will help your presence, at least for indie-listeners online. Good luck!