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Pedro Costa

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Pedro Costa

Music Publisher, Composer/Producer
Pedro Costa is the CEO at InStyle Music, a music publishing company for Film, TV, and other media. He leads a great team including several Grammy and Emmy award winning artists and composers. 

Pedro is also a Music Composer/Producer. As an artist Pedro's music charted in Poland's Top 40. In 2012 Pedro switched gears and began writing and producing for the Film and Television market. His music has been used in hundreds of shows around the world.

Pedro is also a judge for the Emmy Awards.

Visit his IMDB page for a listing of some of his credits:
music supervision, music industry, music producer, sync licensing, music publishing, music licensing / syncing, music production / mastering, music performance, music composition
hip-hop, indie rock, rock, electronic, indie, singer/songwriter, alternative rock, instrumental, instrumental hip-hop, tv
Ontario, Canada

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Recent Feedback

tiphanie Doucet submitted media.

Hide away ( love song) by Tiphanie Doucet

Pedro Costa

Hi Tiphanie,
Thanks for the submission. Really nice song. Chill vibe, relaxing, fresh sounding production.
For me the vocals could be pushed back to sit more in the vibe of the music. Other than that I don't think I would change anything else. The vocal performance is great. Breathy, sexy. Fits right into the vibe.

My area of focus in licensing for media. So I'll touch on that. 
It's got a great vibe. So for that alone I think this could work as source music in a scene at a chic bar/restaurant providing mood. Uses where the music and lyrics are upfront would be tough for this because of the romantic love nature of the lyrics. However the use of French and English would make it attractive for Film or TV shows where a character is or has travelled to France or a French speaking country.

Great. Work! All the best with the release :)

submitted media.

BRIGITTE PACE- SAD EYES- ( Official Music Video) by Brigitte Pace Ecap Production

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission.
Great song. I like the structure and the overall production. Reminds me a bit of the production of the No Line On The Horizon U2 album. So in that sense it comes off a bit dated sounding. But really depends what your target audience is for it. If you fan base is a bit older like myself they should love it.
The one thing that I noticed is that at times the lead vocal sounds a bit off pitch. A light use of Melodyne or Auto-tune would help a lot. If done in a light way, the vocal will remain natural and raw sounding but closer to pitch the whole time. I liked how the background vocals complimented the lead as well. I would have used them a bit more during the chorus. Throughout perhaps, rather than just popping in and out.

So now, switching over to my industry of licensing and synch. The lyrics are a bit specific for something we would generally look for. But it has great energy. I could see it getting used as source music potentially. Source music refers to things like music in the background on a car radio, jukebox, etc.

Really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work. Wishing you nothing but the best with your career.

Carmine Stoppiello submitted media.

Vacant Winds by Creeptones

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission.

First impressions: Cool vibe, great vocalist, and bass groove.

Some thoughts: The intro is a bit long, ok for an album track but I'd probably shorten it for radio and especially for synch. The form of the song is definitely not traditional. It feels like it's missing a chorus. The verse right now is the strong groove vibe and then it drifts into something that sounds like a pre-chorus that goes for way too long. But then there is no payoff. Just goes back to the verse. I would also finish the song on a proper ending rather than a fade (again, more of my experience for synch talking here). I also had a difficult time understanding the lyrics. Not sure if the vocal could be mixed a little differently to help with that. Levels seem good.

A groovy vibey album track but not something I would see as a single. And from a synch perspective, the vibe would be certainly usable. But a music supervisor would be looking for more of an arc which would be possible if there was a chorus that took it elsewhere.

I hope my thoughts are helpful on your journey. Wishing much success!

Federico Ferrandina submitted media.

Obscenity Law by Federico Ferrandina

Pedro Costa

Hi Federico, thanks for the submission.
This is really nice. Tastefully done. If I was going to recommend anything would be to have a B section that takes it in a slightly different direction. Although the chord progression that you have is quite long and does go on a good journey. So really don't have much to offer on improving. Nice mix and balance across the board.

As far as licensing, I have my own publishing company that represents artists and composers. So that's the music we would pitch to our clients. If you already have a publisher for this music then they would take care of getting it synchronized for you.

Keep up the great work. Really enjoy your style. Looking forward ro hear it develop.

Federico Ferrandina submitted media.

Hypermetropia I by Federico Ferrandina

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission Federico.
I like the idea a lot of combining classical guitar with all these other downtempo vibes.
For me personally, I think the experimental elements added are somewhat random sounding.
I would have liked to feel a more consistent structure. To feel a verse/bridge where the theme is clearly defined.
So perhaps toning down the other elements, simplifying them and making sure they are complimenting the guitar not only sonically but also in the overall mix.

As far as the sync world, again, with the suggested ideas above you could have some really interesting underscore ideas for music supervisors and editors to use. In fact just yesterday we were requested something similar to this idea for a docuementary series.

Keep up the great work. I like where you are going with it. All the best!

Ricardo Temporao submitted media.

Alright, Alright by Brutus Begins

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission and Happy New Year!
I enjoyed it a lot. The song has a really cool vibe.
Lyrically I thought the verses could be a little stronger. But the Chorus works. Very catchy and memorable.
From a production perspective, the vocal could have some variation between chorus and verse. Or even adding a gang vocal in the chorus to give it more of a lift. Cause in a way the energy stays fairly flat between them. Which can be a good thing depending on its ultimate use. For a record, the listener would likely want to hear that lift.
I think a good target for this would be advertising. My company primarily works in Film/TV but we do get some ad requests from time to time. I'll keep this song in mind if the right opportunity comes along.
All the best!

Nick Swain submitted media.

That Thang by The New Groove

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission.
Great song! Really like the vibe. Well performed and arranged. Don't really have much other feedback to provide. It's really well done.

What I can talk about is my specialty, Film/TV synchronization. For me and my company, it would be difficult to place it because of the explicit lyrics. Always good to have a clean version available. The groove itself is quite repetitive as well. So it would make me wonder whether that's original or samples/loops that need to be cleared. Make sure to have all your business in order before pursuing any business relationships with it. Best of luck with it. Enjoyed the listen.

Kota Wade submitted media.

Wind (Interlude) by Future Moons

Pedro Costa

Nice piece. 
For me there are two pieces here however. 
The style of music in the introduction could easily be made into a full composition. I was feeling like it would be great on a nature documentary. Like the one about Dick Proenneke "Alone in the Wilderness" in Alaska.

Then it almost faded into that completely different track. The main track or second track was a bit repetitive. It could have gone in different directions. And the choice of percussion and use of piano for me made it slightly dated sounding. Just a few tweaks though really.

In the Film/TV world, I wouldn't be able to use either. The first one would be something that usually would be scored by a staff composer for such a show. And the second one nothing really came to mind as to where it could be used. The dominant lead guitar makes it hard to use as underscore under dialogue/narration.

Nice work though overall. Really enjoyed it!

Kota Wade submitted media.

Grey by Future Moons

Pedro Costa

Nice song!

There's really nothing I would change.
Great performance and production. It has the vibe of the 90s.
Which from a Film/TV perspective would be great to pitch to any show that takes place in the 90s.
I have a feeling those will become very prominent soon. We've been going through an 80s phase.
If any requests come into us for 90s songs I'll definitely reach out.

Really enjoyed it! Thanks for sending it.

Kota Wade submitted media.

Pedro Costa

I like what I hear.
I think this has potential. From a song construction perspective, it would have been better to have the full form in place in order to give more feedback. But what I heard I liked. I'd be curious to hear what production style you'll use on it. I wish I could say more but usually, I'm listening to finished products and judging whether they are viable for broadcast clients in synch. Best of luck with it!

Kota Wade submitted media.

Entangled by Future Moons

Pedro Costa

Thanks for your submission!
I like the song itself. I feel the production let it down. The production elements were too repetitive and never evolved. It is an emotional song so the production could have taken us on an emotional journey with it. Growing and evolving to a climax with a super strong bridge, and then dropping back down at the end. Had the production done that I think the performance would have followed and taken it to another level. Hit single level. In this case it's just an ok album track in my opinion.

Based on the description you are looking for promotion. Unfortunately, that's not something I do per se.  I run a publishing company that synchs music to Film/TV. If the production was as I described this would have been a song I'd be happy to present to clients as it does set a great mood that would work well for synch. But without the build it's a tough sell.

Keep up the great work! Happy New Year.
Look forward to watching your career blossom.
Best wishes,

tiphanie Doucet submitted media.

In dreams ...( You and I ) by Tiphanie Doucet

Pedro Costa

Hi Tiphanie. Congrats on taking control of your own career. I see a lot of DIY artists doing great out there.
Ultimately it's the music business. And the owner running their own company, in the beginning, is always the best person to do it. Even if they need help. They will have the vested interest to push their dream forward much more than someone that's just doing it as a job. Also it's a lifelong career and you will see it that way. Whereas a manager is looking for short term profit.

Having said all that lets talk about the music. I thought it is a great song. I like it a lot. I love moody songs like this that take the listener on a journey. And I felt that from the music, production, but most importantly your vocal performance. All the elements worked together well to set the mood. I think this is a solid release for sure and you will do well with it.

As for my expertise in the business: Film/TV. Personally for my own company I currently wouln't have many opportunities to use this song. Where I see it as a great fit would be in a film. Could be an English film where a character is French. Or the protagonoists go to France. Some way to take advantage of the lyrics in both languages. If you can find a movie director that falls in love with it and they happen to have a project in which it would be a good fit, you may land a fantastic film placement.

Thanks again for sharing this with me. Really enjoyed the song and look forward to seeing/hearing more of your career and music. All the best!

tiphanie Doucet submitted media.

Painted Blue ( non released) by Tiphanie Doucet

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission.
I really enjoyed the performance. I wished the arrangement had gone "somewhere" as it progressed.
I tend to listen with Film/TV synch licensing in mind as that is the area I specialize in. From that perspective the vibe is great, could easily sit under a scene. Lyrically however there are some specifics in there that could potentially compete with the story on screen.

So if this is not yet the final version I would recommend doing something the arrangement to further pull at the heartstrings with a build. As far as synchronization goes don't be afraid to pitch it to some music supervisors or filmmakers that you may know. It could just be what they may be looking for in the right scene.

Wishing you all the best with the release and your career.
Look forward to hearing more music from you in the future.


Kathy Mathes submitted media.

Everything Changes by Kathy Mathes

Pedro Costa

Hi Kathy, nice to e-meet you!
Lovely piece. Really enjoyed it.  Something one can easily listen to,use as background music to relax to, use as dinner music, or with some company over.
From the description it seems you are just looking for general feedback. 
There were some sections in it where the performance of the lead could be cleaned up a bit. 
Other than that it sounded lovely.

From a commercial perspective the production comes off a little dated. So in my particular world of licensing music for use in media it's not something I'd be able to use. 

Having said that, it would definitely make a good track in an album of similar music. You would definitely find an audience out there for it. 

Wishing you all the best. Look forward to learning more about you and your music.
All the best,

Andrey Kotelnikov submitted media.

Blazing Light by My Ria

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission. It was a real pleasure to listen to. 
A couple of things that could improve the presentation would be to bring in the build of arrangement a little earlier in the song. And the make it got even bigger more epic. Performance-wise I had a hard time understanding the lyrics. And I don't think it was because of the accent. Better enunciation in  the performance perhaps might help.

My sector is sync placement for film and tv: In that space this could work very well. This may work well in a montage scene. But the lyrics would have to be very understandable to make it work. Looking forward to watching your career evolve. Keep up the great work. All the best!

chasbo zelena submitted media.

The Claw by Chasbo Zelena

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission. I enjoyed the song and the video. Though it had a really cool vibe that would work great on an indie movie. For most of the song it was straddling the a fine line between being cool vs being too disjointed. But the vibe kept it together. Really enjoyed the vocal tone and delivery. Good energy. I think you've on to something here. Looking forward to learning more about this artist. All the best!

Jeff Watson submitted media.

The Bright Lights by Ember Atom - Jeff Watson

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission. Great energy in the instrumental for this song. Lyrically and vocally i didn't find it quite matched the amped up energy. Unfortunately the track is damaged after 1:40 so I couldn't listen to the rest.
For my world of syncing music for film and tv I could definitely see the instrumental portion being useful. As a song I don't currently have any clients that would use this particular style. If licensing for film and TV is something you are interested in it may be an avenue for promotion for you as well.

Best of success with this project and future ones. Look forward to hearing more of your work.


Sean Adams submitted media.

You and Only You by The Anchoress

Pedro Costa

Thanks for your submission!
I really like this song. Great hook and vibe.
Almost authentic 80s sounding which could be great for source music on films or tv shows set in the 80s.
As an artist single the one thing that bothered me were the vocal mix. The female singer's vocal track was not processed very well, with lots of fluctuations i volume. While at times the backup male singer was over taking the lead. Also I would only keep the make vocal on for some phrases of the chorus. It should not be in the verse at all. Perhaps in the pre-chorus on specific key words.

Also if the right opportunity presented itself my licensing company may be interested in pitching it for a sync deal. Great potential here. Looking forward to what this artist does next.
All the best,


Paul Otten submitted media.

In Knots by Paul Otten

Pedro Costa

Hi Paul,
Great work as always. The production is very well done.
Composition works. Starts contemplative with and underlying unsettled feeling. As it progresses it builds emotionally reaching a triumphant, life is great, love conquers all, kind of feel.

It would have to be pitched for a very specific ask in a: Trailer, ad, or montage scene.
As an regular underscore cue this doesn't work because of the various emotions in it.

I'd like to know more about what your thought process was for it. What you were aiming to accomplish.
Look forward to talking some more.
Thanks for sending it in Paul.


Real Roger Houdaille submitted media.


Pedro Costa

I really enjoyed the song.
Lots of cool hooks, great energy, well produced.
Great vocals and harmonies.

For my world of music for Film/Television there may be some usage possibilities.
Perhaps an indie Film. Looking forward to checking out more about your band and your music.
All the best,


Liam Chagal submitted media.

Pripyat by Liam Chagal

Pedro Costa

What a great piece!!! Thank you for sharing. The elements in it are all great and the piece really transported me on a journey. Having said that, when it come to use for licensing it is a tricky one. It feels more like a score of a scene. So to try to match it to an actual scene out there would be rather difficult. Generally when writing production music you want smaller pieces 90-120 seconds that don't have too much variation. They set a mood, a vibe, a tone. The arrangement may change a little to give it a bit of dynamic. And the editors can cut and loops as they see fit to match the segment of video they are working on.

I am very interested to hear more of your work and will visit your soundcloud page. 
Thanks so much for your submission. It was a real pleasure to hear.


Pedro Costa

Mardi Morillo submitted media.

If I Had You in My Life by Mardi Morillo

Pedro Costa

Nice song! Some things are very distracting though: There are some tuning issues on the guitar. And the guitar is mixed too loud against the vocal. You'd want to hear the lyrics a lot more clearly. Other than that very nice. But those last 10-20% on the production make the difference between it being enjoyed/signed/licenced.

I really like your style and vibe though. Keep up the great work and keep the last 20% in mind. There is a LOT of good-great stuff out there. Makes the last 20% much more important to take it to a great level and set it apart from the rest.

All the best,

P.S. just noticed that you said this is the first song you've ever written? AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see your career develop. 

Chris Euton submitted media.

Dravidian Daydream by ADeight (Chris Euton)

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission.
I enjoyed some of the textures used in this track. The arrangement was could use further development. It felt like it stays on theme A throughout. The bridge attempted to add interest but seemed to lack focus. Try adding more dynamics to the arrangement and instrumentation. And writing a B section. The production could also use some polishing. The mix at times could have certain instruments come forward as they were doing more unique parts, that would add to the interest of the listener. I wish I knew what your goal is for this song and your music so that I could give you more specific pointers. It was an interesting listen but I just can't see an application of it in it's current form for anything specific in the music industry. Wishing you all the best! submitted media.

Pedro Costa

My expertise is more specific to the music industry.
My opinion is that having a product that really stands out will drive the virality of the product. But unfortunately I really don't have any marketing expertise to assist here. Best of luck with your new venture!

Charles Hull submitted media.

Pedro Costa

If you are an indie artist there are several ways to get exposure. One way would be to get this song placed on Film/TV/Commercials. If radio is your target you can utilize several music delivery services direct to radio. There are several options depending on your promotional budget. You can also contact some radio stations directly and send the music. But this is a tedious process. But at the end you will gain contacts to be able to go to directly on other releases. Best of luck!

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Can't Be by Grifta

Pedro Costa

I really like it just the way it is. I can hear a lot of usages for this track in media. But also stands well on it's own as an artist track. Well done!