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Philip Andrew Mayol

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Philip Andrew Mayol

Blogger. Digital Content Creator. Music and Book Lover. Smartphone Photography. Online Writing.
Philip Andrew Mayol is a blogger from Cebu City, Philippines. He loves to meet new people, make friends and share amazing stories about life and interests. He is into writing, basic photography, technology, gadgets, music, food, travelling, social media advertising and marketing, product and service reviews. He is also into short stories and people engagement.
blogging, technology, social media, social media marketing, social media strategy, creative writing, content management
animation, books, novels, food, travelling, photography
Cebu City, Philippines

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Mike Costua submitted media.

Adam and Eve by Mike Costya

Philip Andrew Mayol

I love the groove of this song. Simple yet very catchy. It's an easy-to-listen-to-the-ear kind of song. This is good for road trips and feel-good music at night outdoors near a bonfire. 

The musicality overall is clean and very pleasing. The guitars are also amazing and soothing. Don't forget the vocalization of the singer that fits well with the instruments and rhythm. I love this kind of music very much. I would have this on my playlist on a road trip for sure.

The tune is also great, but I just have a little comment on the album cover which does not quite get to the title of the song. Overall, however, the song is fantastic. I love it.

Fritz Gillis submitted media.

Only by The Fritz Station

Philip Andrew Mayol

I love this kind of vibe especially in the modern era of music. It brings back the 90s kind of music. This song can be good background music for movie ending credit. Also, it can fit well with themed parties. I love how the music started and the abrupt ending. I am hoping I can hear songs like these on the radio today. It's a feel-good song.

I can hear familiar tones from other songs which I like. It makes me remind of those songs like "Love fool" by the Cardigans. I don't know but I did. 

Silvia Nikoletti submitted media.

Loving You (Official Video) by Celeste Buckingham

Philip Andrew Mayol

This is the kind of song where if you use it for "So you think you can dance", the audience will be very quiet and then once the music and the dancers stop, everyone will do a standing ovation.

What I think about the video:
- It will leave an impression to the viewers due to its settings and choreography. Thumbs up to the choreographers for giving justice to the feels of the song.
- The light and the setup give interpretation to the song as it is a slow, romantic, and tragic in some way. This is the kind of videos I enjoy watching on YouTube.
- I want to share this on my social media page right now so to speak. The video and the song form an artful rendition together.

What I think about the song:
- The vocal is amazing, as well as the instrumentation as I am watching and listening to this song using headphones to listen to every word and sound.
- If I can get a copy of this song, I will surely include this on my playlist on my phone. The piano and the string instruments are clearly emphasized maintaining the volume not to overlap to the vocals.
- The message of the song is very interesting and catchy, too.  The transition to every stanza is great.
- Overall this is an art song, an interpretative song.

- The artist should have a different dress/outfit when she was filmed singing from the parts where she was dancing. This may give difference to the interpretation that her singing is the storyteller and the her dancing is the character of the story.
- The ending could have been that the artist singing and filmed in whole body shot as it faded backwards or something.

Overall, I will be listening to this song and watching the video on repeat.

Rating: 8 stars/out of 10.

Andres Aloi submitted media.

Philip Andrew Mayol

The song and its tune is indeed nostalgic as I usually hear familiar rendition of this when I was younger. I was born in the 80s and hearing this song would really bring back the memories, hence attaining it from the theme, "Nostalgia".

As for the video, interpretative as it looks, it would be much fun, meaningful if it tells a story about people or about you seeing your ex-girlfriend and have the Tron-ish concept in the background (either seen on a TV set or as a digital backdrop.

Overall, I would love to have a copy of that song on my mp3 player or have it included on my road trip playlist while in the car with old friends trying to escape the busy city.

Song: 4/5
Video: 3/5

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Rocket League Theme Song "Firework" by Hollywood Principle

Philip Andrew Mayol

Wow! This is nice. I love this song. The vocals are clear and catchy and also the beat. Spot on for a celebration or a video trailer. 

I would love to have a copy of this song for my video trailers. This is amazing.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Philip Andrew Mayol

This is a great video to introduce Fluence to anyone who wants or needs collaboration. It is also an avenue to bloggers like me to ask other people on fresh, effective and efficient ideas on how to improve current skills. I am happy that Allan Poyer invited me here.

I will definitely enjoy my being a member and encourage people to join as well.