People with expertise in djing

Name Location Title Bio
  • Sean Glass

    Sean Glass The best Sean Glass

  • DJ Many

    DJ Many DJ - Producer - Entrepreneur - Writer @ The Huffington Post - MLG Pro Gamer

  • Nikhil Shah

    Nikhil Shah Co-founder @mixcloud // DJ/label owner @ManMakeMusic // always evangelising

  • Jeff Ramos

    Jeff Ramos Digital Strategist, NYC DJ, Rapid Learning Advocate

  • Gillian D

    Gillian D Music is my boyfriend. NYC native, Austin transplant.

  • Cousin Cole

    Cousin Cole I'm a DJ & producer with 10+ years of experience. I've toured around the world and my music has gone further -- many of my musical heroes have played my tunes.

  • Ben Hubbird

    Ben Hubbird Dude of promotions for @cdbaby | DJ on @XRAYfm | Purveyor of @partydamage records

  • Chris Cable

    Chris Cable DMC Champ | Producer | Nike DJ | The League UK | DJ City UK | Triangulum Recordings | BBC 1Xtra Resident

  • DJ Fusion (FuseBox Radio Broadcast)

    DJ Fusion (FuseBox Radio Broadcast) DJ Fusion of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast; Writer; Black Radio Folk On The Wheels of Steel; TEDxOrlando 2012 Speaker; Anti-Audio iCoonery #FLEETNATION

  • Steve Marchese

    Steve Marchese Executive Producer, The Webby Awards / Founder

  • Phi Pham

    Phi Pham rhymes with g unit. || co-founder of @buildingbeats. ||booking: || #soemotional

  • Daniel Casanova

    Daniel Casanova Music Stylist, DJ, Creative Director/On Camera Personality at Uphoric TV

  • Jeremy Sole

    Jeremy Sole • KCRW • AFRO FUNKÉ • theLIFT • MUSAICS • professional fan, antisocialite, serenader and curator of sites un-scene.

  • Nerm

    Nerm Music Production, Performance, Broadcast, Consultant, Music Supervisor

  • Ameet Mehta

    Ameet Mehta interactive designer/developer, ux junkie, DJ & disco dancer

  • Sahpreem King

    Sahpreem King Music Industry Book Author | Music Business Educator | Multi-Platinum Music Producer/DJ | Filmmaker

  • Matthew Kratz

    Matthew Kratz Composer. Producer. DJ. Former Glitch Mob.

  • Mister Kulkarni

    Mister Kulkarni Rock And Roll Needs Me

  • Valida Carroll

    Valida Carroll ON-AIR HOST, 89.9 KCRW // Formerly Desert Nights at The Standard, Hollywood Talent Coordinator

  • Darin McFadyen

    Darin McFadyen FreQ Nasty

  • Jason Drake

    Jason Drake Founder, Dope

  • Abdul Karim Siraji

    Abdul Karim Siraji DJ AKS

  • Nice and Loud

    Nice and Loud On Air Personality/ Mixshow DJ/ Music Producer

  • Chris Lovett

    Chris Lovett Curator and Performance Coach. Former Gig Promoter, Radio Presenter and DJ working with emerging and unsigned musicians.

  • Alex Esser

    Alex Esser HMWL Cofounder. Entrepreneur. DJ. Dad. Deezer MD Sweden / Denmark / Norway

  • Kristi Shinfuku

    Kristi Shinfuku Freelance Writer with previous writings at MTV UK, Consequence of Sound, Earmilk, Magnetic Magazine, and more

  • Maria Mouk

    Maria Mouk Cultural Catalyst & Critic


    BARRY KING dj Barry King

  • Porchlite Music

    Porchlite Music DJ, producer, and musician from Southern California. Specializing in experimental hip hop, downtempo, deep house, and low end theory.

  • John Girgus

    John Girgus Producer (Aberdeeen, Languis, Paper Pilots, The City and Horses) solo project @HouseCatLegend, music as heard on KCRW, KCSN, KXLU, KX93.5, WSUM-FM, KDVS, and Indie 103.1


    AMERICAN DJ more @ facebook page

  • Rick Singer

    Rick Singer Creative Manager / Digital Strategy

  • DJ ReMike

    DJ ReMike Thousands of DJs around the world use my DJ Friendly edits in their sets. Highly influential behind the scenes.

  • Mark Slee

    Mark Slee Cityfox, Tenampa, 5 and Dime, Loöq. Listed Bookings, House-Heads.

  • Rex Buchanan

    Rex Buchanan DJ / Producer

  • Haaris Ahmed

    Haaris Ahmed Specialty DJ of New Noize at 92.9 KJEE Santa Barbara

  • Rob Huff

    Rob Huff Founder and curator of Pop That Rocks, DJ for Y-Not Radio

  • Nate Garcia

    Nate Garcia Word Is Born DJ, WMBR hip hop music director, MIT college radio

  • Tim Medcraft

    Tim Medcraft Artist Manager & Record Label Owner with chart success; A&R; Artist Development

  • Travis Kirshbaum

    Travis Kirshbaum DJ / Producer / Machine Limited Records Founder

  • Steven Mc

    Steven Mc DJ/.Co founder of Forte techno.

  • Tony Coke

    Tony Coke Radio DJ, Musician, Marketer

  • Diego Rodriguez

    Diego Rodriguez Dj Diego Rodriguez

  • Joseph Lujano

    Joseph Lujano Artist Promotion @ and Artist Branding Consultant / Web Developer For Management

  • Nicholas Peltekakis

    Nicholas Peltekakis Curator, Radio Show Host, Dj

  • Josh Sabourin

    Josh Sabourin Independent Label Owner; Radio DJ; Blogger

  • Pieter Winkelaar

    Pieter Winkelaar Music Journalist, DJ, Label Owner, Music Coinnasseur.

  • Chris Wise

    Chris Wise A and R / Head of Music at FullWerks Music Group

  • Janaka Atugoda

    Janaka Atugoda Music Producer, DJ, Director @ Worldly Curated

  • Angus Paterson

    Angus Paterson Freelance Music Journalist

  • Jonathan Nguyen

    Jonathan Nguyen Creative Director

  • MICK

    MICK I travel the world making people dance. Deejay. Tech investor. Sneakerhead. Brooklyn advocate. Comic book connoisseur. Booking:

  • Ryan Lucht

    Ryan Lucht music producer and mixing engineer - working with indies making creative music

  • Frederik Tepe

    Frederik Tepe || TR | Plazma Records | NOCODE Records | Battle Audio Records ||

  • Andrew Wintner

    Andrew Wintner Founder / Chief Curator

  • GIC Cristi

    GIC Cristi Sound Design / Radio & Music Production / DJ

  • Marselus Cayton

    Marselus Cayton

  • William Harvey

    William Harvey Entrepreneur, Artist, DJ, Audio Engineer, Music Curator

  • Pete Butta

    Pete Butta DJ

  • Guy van Koolwijk

    Guy van Koolwijk Persuasive Communication

  • Güney Durmus


  • Darren Vibe

    Darren Vibe Mr

  • Jason Steingold

    Jason Steingold DJ/Producer/Composer

  • Sam Lipman

    Sam Lipman Music Producer wants to hear your tracks and give thoughtful feedback!

  • Kenn Richards

    Kenn Richards Digital music

  • Stephanie Husky

    Stephanie Husky Digital Music Services Consultant

  • Alex Stillhead

    Alex Stillhead Electronic Music Producer & DJ / Web & Brand Identity Designer

  • Paul Mattis

    Paul Mattis Mix / Mastering Engineer & Music Producer

  • N.O.D

    N.O.D We curate quality musical experience for your headphones, speakers and screens. We are in love with 20 to 20 000 Hz.