People with expertise in finance

Name Location Title Bio
  • Javamazon

    Javamazon Social Media,Web Strategy,Web Resources,News and anything fancy that strikes us.Keep everyone connected through tweets by @javamazon.

  • Shawn Merani

    Shawn Merani Partner at

  • Sean Sirianni

    Sean Sirianni Founder & Writer, EDM Nerd

  • William White

    William White Co-Founder / CTO, Fluence

  • Tracy Collins

    Tracy Collins Freelance writer

  • Laura Shape

    Laura Shape I'm the head of product for HeroX. General optimist, better-world creator, artist, hula hooper, pretty good cook.

  • Jason Ostheimer

    Jason Ostheimer Early stage investor @ Advancit Capital

  • Mitchell Acks

    Mitchell Acks Senior Writer

  • Kurt Dalton

    Kurt Dalton Managing Director

  • Daniel Gorelick

    Daniel Gorelick DJ, Event Producer, CFO / Finance Professional, Nonprofit Board Member, Yoga Teacher

  • Shellie Bowman

    Shellie Bowman Urban Music Manager (Hip Hop and R&B) | A&R - Record Union | Business Advisor | Tax and Finance Manager