People with expertise in investing

Name Location Title Bio
  • David E. Weekly

    David E. Weekly I work @Google. First Drone.VC. Former @Facebook PM. Founder of @PBworks, @HackerDojo, and @MexicanVC. Husband to @RebeccaLipon.

  • Jason Mendelson

    Jason Mendelson Musician, VC, Entrepreneur

  • Sebastien Park

    Sebastien Park Analyst at Collaborative Fund

  • Ryan McIntyre

    Ryan McIntyre Musician, VC, Entrepreneur

  • Phil Kelly

    Phil Kelly Phil Kelly, Founder & CEO Yapert

  • William White

    William White Co-Founder / CTO, Fluence

  • Fay

    Fay VC Investor.

  • Bambi Francisco

    Bambi Francisco Founder

  • Mike Hoy

    Mike Hoy CoFounder of @TeamMusicBox, Market Director for @CofoundersLab RTP

  • Eric Chen

    Eric Chen Investor, Entrepreneur

  • Jason Ostheimer

    Jason Ostheimer Early stage investor @ Advancit Capital

  • Ryan Kelly

    Ryan Kelly CFO