People with expertise in technology

Name Location Title Bio
  • Harper Reed

    Harper Reed I am pretty awesome. Check out this simple guide to my tweets: // former CTO @ Obama for America // founder of Modest

  • David E. Weekly

    David E. Weekly I work @Google. First Drone.VC. Former @Facebook PM. Founder of @PBworks, @HackerDojo, and @MexicanVC. Husband to @RebeccaLipon.

  • Marian LaSalle

    Marian LaSalle Building & expanding, business, podcasting, Internet marketing

  • Shashi Bellamkonda

    Shashi Bellamkonda Smiles are free & priceless, Social Media Swami, Small Business Speaker & Columnist, Chief Marketing Officer & Adj. Prof. Georgetown Univ

  • Liane Chan

    Liane Chan Webmaster/Backseat Mafia contributor.

  • Martin Bryant

    Martin Bryant Editor-in-Chief at The Next Web, member of Manchester Digital council. I say 'Yes' a lot.

  • Jax Blunt

    Jax Blunt home educator, blogger, sometime geek, I have children, books, phones and lots of words in my head.

  • Mike Masnick

    Mike Masnick Techdirt and Copia Institute Founder/CEO

  • Frank Bell

    Frank Bell I write songs. I record them. I perform them. I also check my boots for spiders. New record is now available on iTunes worldwide!

  • Benji Rogers

    Benji Rogers President and Founder of PledgeMusic - All submissions to benefit Nordoff Robbins

  • Nikhil Shah

    Nikhil Shah Co-founder @mixcloud // DJ/label owner @ManMakeMusic // always evangelising

  • mcm michelsen

    mcm michelsen Founder & CEO @theBackplane - Connecting people around interests, affinities, and movements.

  • John Zukowski

    John Zukowski Author

  • Javamazon

    Javamazon Social Media,Web Strategy,Web Resources,News and anything fancy that strikes us.Keep everyone connected through tweets by @javamazon.

  • Jacob Tell

    Jacob Tell Oniracom CEO

  • Omar Habayeb

    Omar Habayeb Director of Operations Data & Research at Harrison College. Tech Geek. Ball State Grad. Proud Father of Abigail Opinions Expressed/Tweets are my own.

  • Philip Andrew Mayol

    Philip Andrew Mayol Blogger. Digital Content Creator. Music and Book Lover. Smartphone Photography. Online Writing.

  • Sam Scofy

    Sam Scofy Adventurer • Entrepreneur • Aspiring Merchant of Progress+Happiness

  • Mark Schoneveld

    Mark Schoneveld Founder, Editor-in-Chief

  • Sebastien Park

    Sebastien Park Analyst at Collaborative Fund

  • DJ Fusion (FuseBox Radio Broadcast)

    DJ Fusion (FuseBox Radio Broadcast) DJ Fusion of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast; Writer; Black Radio Folk On The Wheels of Steel; TEDxOrlando 2012 Speaker; Anti-Audio iCoonery #FLEETNATION

  • Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell Owner of British indie label Lojinx

  • Virginie Berger

    Virginie Berger Founder @DBTH_AA, Tech-obsessed music lover. DBTH does both with 80 clients creatives/media/Tech & startups. Mentor @lecamping, lecturer Berklee/Celsa, author


    MAX RIVERA Label Consultant, Creative Director & Artist Manager // @ArtistPG (Warner/Chappell) | @TheRomanticEra | @UNRESTRICTED/SONGS Publishing

  • Danielle Langley

    Danielle Langley Music Curator - Writer - Dreamer - Designer

  • Devender Singh

    Devender Singh Mr.

  • Yahel Carmon

    Yahel Carmon Director, Insight Products @BSD. Formerly @OFA Senior Analyst. Progressive. Feminist. Data nerd. Developer. Made SharedCount. Husband to @StephHerold.

  • Shawn Merani

    Shawn Merani Partner at

  • Victor Salazar

    Victor Salazar Owner and admin at Metallman's Reverie and Co-host of the Get a Life Video Game Podcast and the DragonCast Podcast!

  • Tom Ryan

    Tom Ryan CEO and Co-Founder @plutotv

  • Dylan Richard

    Dylan Richard I try to make things better for people.CTO @ Modest (@wearemodest), former Dir Engineering @ obama for america, VP Engineering @threadless, @crateandbarrel.

  • David Adams

    David Adams Curation Manager

  • Kevin Cogill

    Kevin Cogill AKA Skwerl • Founder/Editor

  • Rob Lord

    Rob Lord Director of Product Management for Mozilla. EIR at Hattery. Jellyfish Undulator at Billion Jelly Bloom

  • Matt Mason

    Matt Mason Chief Content Officer @BitTorrent. Author, The Pirate's Dilemma. Advisory Board Member @Poptech, etc. The opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Darren Hemmings

    Darren Hemmings Founder, Motive Unknown digital marketing agency. Working with alt-J, Moby, Local Natives & more. Also curate Daily Digest music/tech mailout.

  • Daniel Oakley

    Daniel Oakley Past: Warner Bros Records (@WBR), Sony Music & @TaylorStrategy / Current: Apple Music // Beats 1 // #Apple / Lover of all things music & tech related

  • Dave Haynes

    Dave Haynes Growing things @Makeshift. Ex-SoundCloud. Music Hack Day. Dad.

  • Alexis Sindicic

    Alexis Sindicic Internet Entrepreneur | Startups - Digital Marketing - Lean startup

  • Darin McFadyen

    Darin McFadyen FreQ Nasty

  • Phil Kelly

    Phil Kelly Phil Kelly, Founder & CEO Yapert

  • Chris LoPresto

    Chris LoPresto Software, Music, Life

  • Tracy Collins

    Tracy Collins Freelance writer

  • Inveterate Magazine

    Inveterate Magazine A guide to London & New York.

  • Michael Frick

    Michael Frick Executive Producer- Artist & Music Rights, Content & Strategy

  • Tristan Rayner

    Tristan Rayner Editor of new tech site @techlyau ( with Conversant Media. Passion for tech, digital, sport and being told I look better in person.

  • Hannah Karp

    Hannah Karp Music industry reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

  • Sandy Stachowiak

    Sandy Stachowiak Mom, Freelance Writer, Blogger, IT Project Manager: B.S. in Info Tech | Yahoo! Voices #YCN, #Examiner, & other great sites:

  • Joao Vasconcelos

    Joao Vasconcelos Founder - Midnight

  • Timothy Java

    Timothy Java International touring and recording drummer for Four Letter Lie and Sabian Cymbals, director of services for Panacea3, web monkey for Crime Kitchen and an avid time traveler.

  • Nam Nguyen

    Nam Nguyen President @NARRATIVE_

  • Mark Slee

    Mark Slee Cityfox, Tenampa, 5 and Dime, Loöq. Listed Bookings, House-Heads.

  • Maximino Perez

    Maximino Perez Producer /Audio Engineer

  • Rob Webb

    Rob Webb Head of Digital Delivery, AWAL/Kobalt Label Services | Freelance journalist, NME

  • Justin Grosch

    Justin Grosch CEO Need Inc. Ask Openly. Answer Honestly.

  • Anita Motwani

    Anita Motwani Startup advisor

  • Jayme Catsouphes

    Jayme Catsouphes Content Manager @SoundCloud, radio reporter/producer, musician

  • Sarah Sommer

    Sarah Sommer A freelance cat enthusiastic/writer who specializes in pop culture entertainment, independent music, and all things media.


    ECLECTIA A web platform that showcases and empowers the world's emerging creatives

  • Rhett Dail

    Rhett Dail CEO

  • Darryl Sherman

    Darryl Sherman VP of Music for DNA BROTHERS ENT. Curator for INNOVATIVE SOUL MUSIC / Assignment Editor for CBS TELEVISION

  • Joseph Lujano

    Joseph Lujano Artist Promotion @ and Artist Branding Consultant / Web Developer For Management

  • Nicholas Peltekakis

    Nicholas Peltekakis Curator, Radio Show Host, Dj

  • Danny Baldonado

    Danny Baldonado Digital Derelict / Music & Tech Nerd

  • Eric Chen

    Eric Chen Investor, Entrepreneur

  • Greg Ipp

    Greg Ipp Technical Director, ACNE Production; Manager, Sunset & Hyperion



  • Vinitha Watson

    Vinitha Watson The General @ Zoo Labs

  • Jason Ostheimer

    Jason Ostheimer Early stage investor @ Advancit Capital

  • Sean Leonard

    Sean Leonard Music + Technology + Strategy

  • Melisa Gotto

    Melisa Gotto Founder & CEO

  • Georgina Hill

    Georgina Hill Entrepreneur, Mentor, Connector, Builder

  • Ganesh Kumaraguru

    Ganesh Kumaraguru Book Reviewer, Music Reviewer

  • Johan Nasution

    Johan Nasution Guitarist

  • Kurt Dalton

    Kurt Dalton Managing Director

  • Dave Merriwether

    Dave Merriwether Mr. Man

  • Mattie Bennett

    Mattie Bennett Creative Digital Marketing at Universal Music International

  • Neil Cartwright

    Neil Cartwright Artist Services, label, publisher, distribution, music marketing

  • William Harvey

    William Harvey Entrepreneur, Artist, DJ, Audio Engineer, Music Curator

  • Henry Lu

    Henry Lu Music Entrepreneur

  • a voidvast

    a voidvast nebula rasa: something from nothing

  • Dan Salter

    Dan Salter Founder & Editor In Chief

  • Adam Newmark

    Adam Newmark Artist Manager

  • Jacob Nathan

    Jacob Nathan Creative Director, Artist & Repertoire, Music Supervisor