Taylor W

Taylor W

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Taylor W

Media Manager, Freelance Writer
I currently serve as a Social Media Manager in Austin, TX as well as a contributing writer and editor at Antiquiet.com. I have experience in hands-on marketing and PR, as well as low key one-on-one brand advising. 

Currently at the University of Texas to obtain a Journalism degree, graduation Spring '16.

pr, music promotion, music marketing, advertising, social media, marketing, music writing / blogging, music journalism, digital media
hard rock, rock, alternative rock, film / video, photography
austin/san antonio/dallas, tx - seattle, wa

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Steve Moore submitted media.

Revolt by The Unravelling

Taylor W

I was actually into the song. I liked the arrangement and how even for a 4+ minute song, it didn't feel like it was dragging along. My one qualm was that the overall quality sounded far too polished for what I'd want to hear with this type of rock song. Especially given that there is a vocal growl, there was no grit to accompany that and it felt flat at times. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Taylor W

The idea seemed a little one sided to me at first, given that it seemed as if reviewers were reaping monetary benefits for opinions - which you can find anywhere for free. I was certain there was some sort of catch until I looked deeper into it with the help of this instructional video. That changed my opinion and now I really like this concept. I hope it takes off.