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Shamal Ranasinghe submitted media.


Mike Gillespie

I really like this. It feels like the opportunity is out there for someone to do a good job of 3D immersive audio. Plenty and tried, and I've not yet seem / heard anything that compelling in the live music space. Usually (in my experience) the problem is when you are physically close to one of the point sources, you lose the 3D experience - I'm not actually sure if physics allows for a solution to that?! I would definitely be interested in this - professionally and as a consumer. I like the idea that you're doing it not-for-profit (interested as to why you've decided to do that). Can't wait to see it for real. Have you got plans to launch / demo anytime soon? Have you got artists on board? Definitely think that it's application in electronic music contexts would be interesting (what's scale can you achieve?) and also think that sound "artists" would find it interesting for installation / gallery type shows....exciting. Congratulations. 

Chris Euton submitted media.

Midnight Pressure by Digital Slumber Party

Mike Gillespie

I quite liked what I heard here, and will definitely look out more. In fact I just did - and am confused because on YouTube this track is called "Close Call" and "Midnight Pressure" is a totally different track! Not sure what's going on there and doesn't particularly matter as far as giving some feedback, but it is a little confusing. I don't know what if any advice I can offer on the music itself. It's well made and well produced and interestingly, I found the piece on YouTube titled "Midnight Pressure" (which isn't the same as this one) kind of infectious and it's still with me a few hours after first listening. 

I could see your work potentially working well in certain Film and TV projects and would be interested to know if you perform the work live. I imagine an intense, dark, moody live show working well in the right environments. The temptation might be to go all multimedia and heavy on the visuals, but suspect a really strong light show might work as well depending on the nature of your performance. 

I think you need to think about who your "like" artists and scenes are out there and where you fit...where's your audience, who are they, what other music are they listening to. From a quick look online it feels like early days for you guys - so really good and important to think who that audience is that's going to lap this stuff up. I suspect they're out there, so go make some connections with potential fans and other artists.