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Trygge Toven

Music Supervisor. Music Producer. Tech Aficionado. Descendant of Odin.
I'm a music supervisor and producer working mainly in film.  My latest projects are All Eyez On Me, Naked, Thor: Ragnarok, and SpiderMan: Homecoming.  I am very keen on current happenings in tech and music.  Love Sushi.
music supervision, music tech, music production, songwriting, music licensing / syncing
hip-hop, indie rock, indie pop, pop, classical, dance, house, neo-classical, indie electronic

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Recent Feedback

David DeRose submitted media.

Belief by David DeRose

Trygge Toven

Cool track.  The structure is pretty great for promos or trailers.  It's driving and keeps building to a more urgent feel.  I'd say the string samples could be nuanced a bit.  If I were you I'd connect with a trailer music library since they already have the relationships with the trailer supes and promo departments.  This song would work well for something more inspirational like a project I worked on, Disney's Million Dollar Arm.

Johannes Salo submitted media.

Sunny Street by Johannes Salo

Trygge Toven

Intro feels cool.  Definitely something that could work for commercials.  Feels very light hearted, maybe too light hearted for a commercial as it gets going.  Starting to feel like a children's story to me.  If this is your typical style I would suggest trying to make it with a bit more song structure and focus on :30 beds for commercial use or maybe go after directly scoring some animated pieces since it just seems to fit with that vibe.  Good luck!

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

By The Waves by Baron Bane

Trygge Toven

Very epic cool sound.  Could be good for trailers if it was a bit more driving with the drums.  It's got lots going on and feels very important but the drums don't push it forward, it feels laid back.  Nice vocals but again they don't seem to fit in with the hugeness of the track, I feel like there's a next level that it almost reaches near the end but falls short.  Would love to hear more.

Sub Pac submitted media.

Trygge Toven

Reminds me a bit of the hardcore gamer chairs with the subwoofer built in, but I'm assuming this has a totally different purpose?  I'd love to check it out though.

submitted media.

Genetic by Mail Order Messiahs

Trygge Toven

Beautiful track.  I could see this working in a dramatic film or television series like The Leftovers or something.  It has weight to it that could really help support the story of the film.  Keep up the good work, I love the production.  

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Trygge Toven

Definitely going to tweet this.  I think it's a good basic approach to explaining what Fluence is.  Would be fun to see something more flashy in the future as well.

Bob Manning submitted media.

Wolf Eyes, you're staring by Cold, cold heart

Trygge Toven

This is a beautiful piece.  From a music supervisor's standpoint, it would show potential for a composer but as the song itself it wouldn't have too many licensing opportunities.  Although Explosions in the Sky comes to mind and they've been licensed a lot in the past.  The main difference here is that the piece doesn't grow exponentially as is needed for many types of media.  This track could work well for film or tv but is not right for promos, trailers, or ads.

Heron Demarco submitted media.

Spotlights by Heron Demarco

Trygge Toven

Nice track.  My head was bobbing all the way through.  I think it's great, production is solid and vocals sound good.  It's got a nice serious vibe to it, so it may work well for film or TV.  Unfortunately it doesn't take off and get big at all which is required for trailers and promos.  Especially if it's over 4 minutes, you should add something in to really build the hype.  Otherwise I'd shorten it, doesn't feel like it's necessary to be that long.  While it's solid work, I'd say that the production could be a bit more forward thinking, push the envelope to stand out as original.