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Wendy Redden

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Wendy Redden

I run WAALT Music Blog
Single mom. Music Lover. Coffee addict. Helping promote really great bands in the alternative rock genre. (Sorry I don't review rap/hip hop).  I like unique, different and awesome so send my way. I also cover SXSW and ACL since I live in Austin, TX. I also contribute to http://therevue.ca. If I am charging a small fee, it's just because I don't have the time. Weekends will be no charge.
emerging artists, music writing / blogging, music blogging
indie rock, alternative, punk, rock, indie, singer/songwriter, alternative rock, instrumental, synthpop, shoegaze, psychedelic rock, experimental
Austin, TX

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The Romantic Era submitted media.

Wendy Redden

Hi..please send me an e-mail to waaltmusic@gmail.com with the private SC link so I can share with my counterpart at The Revue. I can't promise anything as we need to have a collective yes, but I can try. Thanks! 

Simone Corazzari submitted media.

Wendy Redden

The track is very nice, I hear some jazz influences in there and a laid back 60s vibe as well. Good vocals and lyrics as well. I will check out some of your other English tracks. Feel free to send an e-mail to waaltmusic@gmail.com for upcoming English tracks, we might be able to share on The Revue. Thanks! 

Walden Pines submitted media.

[redacted] by [redacted]

Wendy Redden

Nice cover. I like the stripped back acoustic feel - I would like to hear some original items as well- send along through here or e-mail me. waaltmusic@gmail.com Thanks for sharing! 

chasbo zelena submitted media.

Wendy Redden

I really like the eclectic blues feel you have going here, and I believe you have sent something previously -  I really like this one. Shoot me a message or e-mail as to what is going on with you or a bio/background. I would be happy to share this track. Thanks! waaltmusic@gmail.com

PHiL GooD submitted media.

Wendy Redden

not a big EDM/electronica fan but I do like the beats/mixing. Hope you can find some people to collab with or get some backing vocals on this. Thanks for sharing. 

Alf Moon submitted media.

Automne by Alf Moon

Wendy Redden

I really like the combination of beats/keys and overall sound on this track. I'm always looking for really great instrumental tracks even if they include a small amount of sampling/vocals. This one can definitely be added to my list, I just wish I spoke French :) Nice work, would be interested to hear more if you end up with an EP release in the future. Thanks for sharing! 

submitted media.

Wendy Redden

I really like this - simple but interesting and intrigued to hear more. I also cannot make comparisons which is good because I'm always looking for new and different. The lyrics are perfect for someone like myself  who is a reformed people pleaser ha - great anthem for being yourself ;)  Message me or e-mail a quick bio and I will be happy to post this video next week. waaltmusic@gmail.com

Grandpa Records submitted media.

Touché by Thyrsday

Wendy Redden

It's kinda bluesy with a bit of an old school almost big band feel which is cool! I like the vocals and the bassline is pretty sweet, too. I would be interested to hear more from the upcoming EP. This definitely doesn't sound like everything else out there right now, which I like. 

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Scented Secrets by Digital Slumber Party

Wendy Redden

I am not a huge EDM fan nor expert in that arena, but I do like the mix of the rock element in this track. I get a little bit of an NIN feel in parts almost which is great ;) I am a big fan of instrumental tracks in general so thanks for sending this.  I actually just did a post this past week highlighting some of my favorite instrumental and this easily could have been added to the list. Keep me in mind for future releases (message me here or email waaltmusic@gmail.com) and send any new tracks my way, I always love sharing newly released tracks. Thanks! 

Rob Fleming submitted media.

Wendy Redden

Very nice..looking forward to the full album release, please send along once it is released, I would be happy to share some full tracks. Thanks!

Stephen O'Reilly submitted media.

Living A Lie by Red House Glory

Wendy Redden

This is some great rock right here and right up my alley.  I would be happy to share this track, and if the band would be up for a Q&A, let me know where to send some questions so we can try and get something up next week. Thanks for sharing! 

Noah Engel submitted media.

Passing, Passing by Noah Engel

Wendy Redden

Wow, pleasantly surprised. Great voice, simple arrangement and really lovely songwriting. I would definitely like to hear more. I will check out the link for the EP. Thanks so much for sharing, you definitely have something here. You should definitely submit your stuff to Sofar Sounds to get more exposure, too.  

Gregory Robinson submitted media.

July 5th (Remastered) by Allora Mis

Wendy Redden

I really enjoyed this track! I love instrumental and i would really like to hear the upcoming EP. I am actually formulating a post (that has taken me longer than I would like ha) about some of the really good instrumental tracks/bands I have come across over the past few months. Please e-mail or message me a quick bio about the band so I can include this track. Thanks for sharing! 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Wendy Redden

Love the idea and platform, I am really enjoying connecting here! Great video - thanks! 

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Wendy Redden

Um..love Phosphorescent!!!!!! Is this a promoter? I would love to post up a Q&A w/the band if possible. This album was one of my favs from 2013. message me on here or e-mail if that's possible. waaltmusic@gmail.com

Bernaccia Music submitted media.

Wendy Redden

I really dig this sound - please send me a bio or more info, I would be happy to share. Also, if there is an upcoming EP. Vocals are very memorable and I really like the overall tone/sound of this track. waaltmusic@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing! 

Jimmy Tri-Tone submitted media.

Trees by The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band

Wendy Redden

The beginning almost reminds me of a classic rock feel. The vocals are memorable. I would like to hear more, it's hard to get a feel from what you are all about as a band from this one track. If you have more or an upcoming EP, send my way. waaltmusic@gmail.com Thanks for sharing. 

Daniel Remington submitted media.

Burn by Orchards

Wendy Redden

Interesting sound, I would like to hear more. If you have an upcoming EP, let me know. My only critique is the length, could be a tad bit shorter. waaltmusic@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing! 

yochay mocsari submitted media.

I Went Down The Road Today by Claus Zinger

Wendy Redden

This almost has a Cure type vibe - maybe it's the vocals. It would be interesting to hear more, or a background or bio about you in terms of your sound. Feel free to e-mail me. waaltmusic@gmail.com Thanks for sharing! 

Tru Brilliance submitted media.

Honey On The Backroads by Heavy Buffalo

Wendy Redden

I really like the sound, great rock track with a bit of punk in there. If you have other tracks or the EP to send, shoot me an e-mail. waaltmusic@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing! 

Bryan Joseph submitted media.

Our Way by the rebel electrics

Wendy Redden

Fast and catchy. Personally, I like my punk to be a little more gritty and less polished but the guitar work and vocals are nice. Are there other songs or an EP? Thanks for sharing! 

Dan Smith submitted media.

Wendy Redden

This is a lovely track - I have nothing to say but this song is great and totally my style. Some people don't but I love a polished track with a great chorus. If you guys would be up for a Q&A, shoot me an e-mail and any info regarding the upcoming EP. Thanks!

Chris D'Lima submitted media.

Decisions by Chris D'Lima

Wendy Redden

Nice vocals and catchy chorus, I like the guitar as well. I almost feel you don't need as much backing vocals on this track that you have as the main vocals are strong enough but it is still good. If you have other songs or an upcoming EP, I would  be interested in hearing more. Thanks for sharing! 

John Masters submitted media.

Results May Vary by Harness Flux

Wendy Redden

I'm not a super huge fan of too much reverb or echo in the vocals on songs but with the atmospheric vibe here, I don't mind too much. I still feel it doesn't have to be as prominent but that's just my opinion. I really like the psych feel and guitar here but for some reason the percussion feels a bit flat to me but overall it's good. Would be interested to hear more along these lines or if there is a new EP out. Thanks for sharing. 

Luke Norris submitted media.

The Gift of Life by The Dead Strange

Wendy Redden

Very trippy video and very nicely produced track - I almost want it to be longer!  If there is an upcoming EP, or most songs along these lines, I would like to hear it. Thanks for sharing, I really dig what you are doing with this I have no critiques aside from the length ha! shoot me an e-mail if you have some bio/info that I can possibly do a write up waaltmusic@gmail.com

Zack Anselm submitted media.

Fun by VOWS

Wendy Redden

I really like the gazey-psychy-dreamy sound. This track is definitely 'Fun'. Will e-mail regarding the album stream.  I really dig this sound. Thanks for sharing! 

prints jackson submitted media.

Atom Jenkins by Prints Jackson

Wendy Redden

If this were house or electronic only I wouldn't be as intrigued but with the addition of the guitar this song holds my attention. I like the different elements that are pulled together for this track, it would be interesting to see some collabs with vocalists vs. just sampling. Overall, I like the creative direction. 

Derrick Dickey submitted media.

Skip The Day (preview) by Digital Slumber Party

Wendy Redden

Unfortunately I am not a big house/electronic fan so I do not have a lot of constructive criticism to give here or what I feel would make it better.  I can easily see this song being added to my instrumental playlist I listen to while train riding to and from work, the chill vibe and easy flow is nice and calming. Thanks for sharing! 

John Mondick submitted media.

The String by Birds Over Arkansas

Wendy Redden

I really like the male/female vocals on this track and the progression after the 1:20 point. The lyrics are really good too and something I can definitely relate to. The addition of strings on this song is also a nice touch. Thanks for sharing! 

Evan Lawrence submitted media.

Lightout by Jelani Sei

Wendy Redden

I really dig this track - if you have an EP that goes with it, I would love to hear it. A bio or any additional info you can send would be helpful, will see about a post. waaltmusic@gmail.com Thanks for sharing! 

Chris Gersbeck submitted media.

The Wendigo by Slap Bracelets

Wendy Redden

The guitar work on this track is nice and shoegaze-y. The vocals could almost be a little more prominent but are still nice. I like the mix of beats/guitar and would like to hear more if there is a forth coming EP. The progression at 2:38 is really great as well. Nice track overall. Thanks for sharing! 

Zack Anselm submitted media.

Lord Knows by !mindparade

Wendy Redden

I really like this track, kind of progressive and unique all at the same time. Would like to hear more if they have an upcoming EP. Thanks for sharing! 

Paul Hale submitted media.

Taking You Out by The Landed

Wendy Redden

I love how this starts in the beginning and then builds into something different. For me, I feel like it is about the ups and downs of a new relationship and gaining the confidence to begin one in the first place (which explains the difference in sounds within the song). It connects with me emotionally as well as audibly so I dig it. I don't believe I would change anything. I would be happy to share this - email me if you have others or an upcoming EP that I can post about. waaltmusic@gmail.com

Cody Hunt submitted media.

Algiers by Nightspring

Wendy Redden

I'm very curious now about you as an artist. This track was chill, vocals are nice and some submissions I have received you can tell the production is made in someone's bedroom, etc. The construction of this song sounds very well done. My only critique is it could have ended around a minute earlier. I would be interested to hear what else you are creating. So far, so good! feel free to e-mail waaltmusic@gmail.com

New Ancient submitted media.

Wendy Redden

This is ace. I really, really love instrumental artists and tracks and I feel they don't get much recognition. Please send me some info on this album. I have been wanting to do a combined instrumental post for a while because I have actually found quite a few newer and really great sounding instrumental artists that I feel need to be shared.  Hearing this track solidifies that I need to write it! waaltmusic@gmail.com

peter newman submitted media.

Waiting For Serendipity by Peter Daniel Newman

Wendy Redden

Lyrics and vocals are nice,  for me I feel there are a lot of bands/artists that sound similar. I would be interested in hearing other tracks to see if there are elements that might set you apart a bit from all the other artists attempting to emulate Coldplay, etc. The vocal mixing sounds a little off, too which could probably be fixed if self producing. You do have talent here, I just wish it was a little more unique or stood out a little more for me. Thanks for sharing. 

jordan parker submitted media.

So Slow by Mara

Wendy Redden

I usually enjoy the psych rock sound, but personally just a little bit too much reverb for me in the vocals. Unique enough voice (reminds me of Foxygen a bit)  I don't feel it needs to be altered very much. I also feel the ending of the song is a little abrupt. I do feel there is something here, if it can just be tweaked a bit. Thanks for sharing! 

Magnus Reimer submitted media.

Throw Yourself by Magnus Reimer

Wendy Redden

I really do like all of the musical elements that make this full sound. It's got a lot of different bits and pieces going on that doesn't make it sound like everything else out there right now. The vocals I was surprised with the lower tone that goes with some of the airy/poppy parts of the song but that is not a bad thing, the vocals do stand out as well. I would like to hear an EP if you have one upcoming waaltmusic@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing! 

Julia Cole submitted media.

Wendy Redden

Very nice soulful vocals and backing beat. Unfortunately, I don't cover r&b/rap genre but there are plenty of people on here that do. Good luck! 

Vasco Cabecadas submitted media.

Fancy Pants by Savanna

Wendy Redden

This definitely has appeal right now in the rock world with the  psych vibe going on and chill vocals, All of the elements work together nicely. I would like to hear more if there is an upcoming EP. Thanks for sharing! waaltmusic@gmail.com

Alan Smith submitted media.

Underslung by DrAlienSmith

Wendy Redden

This is really good stuff..solid track. Every element works very well together. I will definitely have a listen to the EP. I  am also thinking of doing a combined post with some really note worthy instrumental tracks/bands I have listened to lately, and this is worth sharing. Shoot me an e-mail - waaltmusic@gmail.com

John Mondick submitted media.

Catapult by Birds Over Arkansas

Wendy Redden

I really like this arrangement and overall sound. The vocals are nice as well - is this a solo project or band? Is there a current EP? I would like to hear more. Thanks for sharing!  waaltmusic@gmail.com

Nicholas Baker submitted media.

How Fierce It Is by Dan Yell Sun

Wendy Redden

I do like the overall sound, I'm getting a bit of a 90's vibe in parts. The video is interesting as well (holds my attention for sure). My only critique is I feel the vocals are kind of in the background (could be more prominent personally) Not sure if that is a production, mixing or intentional. Overall good job. If there is an EP out, I would like to hear more. Thanks! waaltmusic@gmail.com

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar submitted media.

Genius by The Courtesans

Wendy Redden

The chorus is addicting and I can't really pin this group as any particular genre.  So many elements are present here in this one song, , it's a good mix and shows diversity. The video is nice but of course I would like to see them in a live setting to showcase each band member's talent.  I would be interested in hearing more if there is an upcoming debut. Thanks for sharing! waaltmusic@gmail.com

Drew Forsberg submitted media.

Pretty Boy by The Persian Leaps

Wendy Redden

I dig this - nice 90's rock feel/vibe. Great guitars on this track and nice vocals, too. I would like to hear more from the upcoming album once it's out. You can shoot me an e-mail waaltmusic@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing! 

Simon Rickards submitted media.

Between the Lines by Jasper in the Company of Others

Wendy Redden

I'm really enjoying the different elements here. Fun little video and even though it's almost 4 minutes it holds my attention. The strings bring in the folk vibe but the chorus is poppy and memorable so it's a great eclectic mix. I would really like to hear more from the upcoming EP. If you have other singles shoot me an e-mail waaltmusic@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing! 

Yulia Sonic submitted media.

Abyss by Everything by Electricity

Wendy Redden

I really like. It's dreamy pop with a little gaze mixed in. The vocals are nice since I can hear the lyrics. Really good overall sound. I would like to hear more if there is an upcoming EP shoot me an e-mail. waaltmusic@gmail.com

Jillian Santella submitted media.

Do You Still Love Me by The Well Reds

Wendy Redden

There is no doubt this has a formula for top 40 success. Especially if the band members are cute ha. Nice vocals and beats, I just wish it had a little more rock in it. I don't mind synth at all but I prefer more of a balance between the guitars and beats. The most rock I hear is at 2:00 and at the very end. If there are other tracks from the upcoming album with a little more guitar in there, send my way. Unfortunately for me this sounds like a lot of what is already out there right now. It can also be hard to tell on a recording as Strange Talk has a bunch of synth in their songs but their live show is killer. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to send anything else. Thanks! waaltmusic@gmail.com

Jeff Southard submitted media.

Northern Shapes by Wheelies

Wendy Redden

I really enjoyed this - I want that van haha. I really like the overall guitar elements and distinctive vocals. I would definitely like to hear more if you have an album out. Good stuff. waaltmusic@gmail.com Thanks for sharing!