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Ayo Adepoju

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Ayo Adepoju

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Recent Feedback

Briony Morgan submitted media.

Daylight Paranoia by Sounds of Sirus

Ayo Adepoju

Not generally the biggest fan of guitar music, it would have to be near perfect for me to like it so I don't think I would be the best to give feedback on this record. The guitar arrangements are quite commanding though, that's always good and the vocals sound good.

Carriages . submitted media.

Roots by Carriages

Ayo Adepoju

I quite like this when it gets going. Not typically what we would cover on our website but it's a decent record. The verses seem to chug along but the chorus is resounding.

Bob Manning submitted media.

Stand/still by Cold, cold heart

Ayo Adepoju

Not a huge fan of instrumental tracks, however this is quite interesting and calming, also when listened with the context given below, it gives the record an added layer.