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Zac Abroms

Online Music Publicist | Artist Manager | Director of @viceroyalty |
Born in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1985, Zac immigrated to Australia and has called Melbourne home since. In 2007 Zac joined Forum 5 Management & Recordings, undertaking the development and marketing of their artists and releases including Bertie Blackman’s ARIA-Award-winning album ‘Secrets and Lies’ (2009) and the launch of New Zealand songstress Kimbra.

In 2010, Zac launched Viceroyalty, a boutique Artist Management & Music Publicity provider specializing in Online PR; Digital Strategy, Music Blog Servicing, Social Networking and Content Production in addition to Management and A&R for Manor and Danvers.

Viceroyalty's Publicity credits include: Active Child, All The Colours, Asta, Bertie Blackman, Beth Orton, Buchanan, Caterina Torres, Chela, Client Liason, Diafrix, Ella Hooper, Girl Talk, Grizzly Jim Lawrie, The Hello Morning, Katy Steele, Knightlife, Kimbra, Lancelot, Passerine, Paul Conrad, Pyramid Rock Festival, The Raffaellas, Rebecca & Fiona, Regina Spektor, Remi, Scientists Of Modern Music, Spender, Strange Talk, Zowie and more...

In the ever-changing landscape of the modern music industry Viceroyalty seeks to carve out a niche, a trademark and recognizable approach to the business of music characterized by innovation, quality, exuberance and class.

Zac has appeared as a panelist and moderator at a number of music industry conferences and workshops including Face The Music (2011, 2012, 2013) , Big Sound (2013), I Manage My Music (2012, 2013), Wild@heART (2013) and The Right Track (2014).
radio, a&r, artist management, pr, music videos, record labels, remixes, music, music blogging
music, pop music
Melbourne, Australia

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Richard Webster submitted media.

It's Not Enough by Unkle Bob

Zac Abroms

Nice work guys. My favourite new music blogs in the UK who might be interested in the track are Drowned In Sound, The 405, The Recommender and The Pop Cop. Check out the sites, you should be able to local contact details. 

Sam Brandford submitted media.

The Aurora Borealis by The Odd Chaps

Zac Abroms

Hi Guys, 

Thanks for sharing. I can appreciate what you're going for and I think that elements of your production are nice, particularly in the percussion department. I wasn't a big fan of the synth/organ tones, they lacked freshness. The structure and arrangement of the song is unconventional, but I suppose you have specified that it's experimental electronica which means the rulebook is more or less out the window. However, there isn't a massive amount of media out there who cater to this sort of thing so gaining exposure can be pretty difficult. I would suggest that perhaps soundtrack work might be something you guys will find work in. Overall pretty good work though. submitted media.

Zac Abroms

Not entirely sure what the application advertised is offering, but I found the ad pretty amusing and I'm curious to check it out.